Better World Developer Award

Our vision is to develop future products for a better world. With the Together Tech Better World Developer Award we shine a light on companies or organisations who, through their product development, have excelled in contributing to a better world.

The award was established in 2017 and was bestowed for the first time in 2018.

Product development for a better world

It is the product that is rewarded, and it must clearly meet at least one of our criteria. The recipient receives a diploma and a cheque for a sum of money that is passed on for charitable purposes.

Our employees choose recipients

All employees at Together Tech can propose products that meet the basic criteria. A jury selects three to five products and nominates them, giving reasons.

All the employees then vote, and finally a jury selects who is to become that year’s recipient of the award.

2018: Neoventa Medical and STAN S41

The winning product for 2018 is Neoventa’s innovative foetal monitor STAN S41, which facilitates interpretation of the foetal ECG during delivery. This helps the delivery staff to identify children at risk of being born with a serious lack of oxygen more precisely.

Anna Axelsson
Regional Manager Göteborg/Trollhättan
Håkan Rolin
Business Unit Manager Software Development