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Technical competence and commitment that help YOU work for a better world

Do you want to take innovative ideas into real products that benefit people and planet? Then you've come to the right place! Let our highly competent consultants turn your ideas into reality. Let's tech together!

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Balancing stones and Medtech projects
Product development with human health and technical precision in balance
Geopard running on the savannah
Smooth, continuous and compliant product development for your specific assignment
Elephant mother and puppy
A more secure world is a better world

Everything you need to take your idea to a product

With us you will find technology solutions for a sustainable future. We have the expertise you need to take your product from idea to market.

Tomorrow's knowledge for the products of the future
Hands embedding and securing a visual content
The product's brain in good hands
Coral reef in the ocean
Helping you move forward
Tree with roots and crown connected
Software solutions for a better (digital) world
workplace meeting
Tech Center
Increasing the in-house capacity from large to XXL Together Tech's vision is, together with...
circuit board
Tech Center
Successful products require circuit boards engineered with Design for Excellence In Together Tech's...
Quality assurance in a precise place
Future technology in textile, non-woven, wood, metal and polymeric materials
Test and verification
At Together Tech, we are passionate about challenges. They can be technology-related, schedules that...
Industrial engineering header
Product development and digital solutions for the manufacturing industry
Sustainovation webinar header
Explore and extend your Sustainovation skills!
Industrial engineering header
A smooth and scalable start to your IoT journey
medical machine
Order and clarity in the documentation throughout the entire Medtech project