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Embedded Systems

The product's brain in good hands

Product development with breadth, depth and responsibility

The demands on the quality and performance of electronic products are increasing at record speed, and this also applies to the development process. To optimize time and technology, you need forward-thinking tech consultants who take total responsibility for both the product and the project. If they also take responsibility for energy consumption and increased sustainability, then you've hit the bullseye. We say: Welcome to Together Tech!

We have full control over the development process and take on projects that run from the first idea sketch till the product is ready for production. For this reason, you can also leave specific sub-projects in the process to us. Having knowledge about the whole product development process makes it easier to take on parts of an already ongoing project and know exactly what needs to be done. The result will seamlessly match the ongoing work.

Embedded Systems - the brain of the products

A simple description of embedded might sound like this: software placed inside a device that tells the device what to do. In short, when you push a button or send a signal, the right thing should happen. You will find embedded software in everything from remote controls to computers, dishwashers and ventilators.

Your embedded product can be anything from low-end (for example just remote controls), to advanced high-end solutions with many circuit boards. It may be about drivers, applications or whatever you want. We have the expertise you need.

We have been developing embedded products since the eighties and have extensive experience with various hardware, microcontrollers, communication interfaces, development environments and configuration tools. You can safely hand over your project to us!

circuit board

Battery Management Systems (BMS)

Your battery should not only generate power, it should also be operationally monitored. For that, you need a solution that enables the right battery power to be put to the right use based on the expected load. In addition, the battery should be protected, optimized and provide information on operating conditions. For this to happen, you need a Battery Management System developed by electronics engineers with long experience of the entire production chain. In other words – you need Together Tech.


Power Electronics - increase power and decrease energy consumption

Engine control
Do you have something that needs to be set in motion? Then you need a power source that is completely adapted to the specific needs. It can be about things as widely different as an elevator door, a fan or a ventilator.

We have cutting-edge expertise in electronic engine control and take pride in making the engines as energy-efficient as possible. An energy-efficient design means longer battery life; a way for you to contribute to reduced energy consumption, something our world is in great need of.

Power supplies
You must be able to trust that your products are energy efficient and do not waste unnecessary power. With smart electronic power transmission, you avoid losses and can be confident that the power is distributed correctly. Safety norms are constantly under scrutiny throughout the development work, and we continuously ensure that energy losses are minimal.

Sensor Systems – a rewarding field

Regardless of whether you are going to measure heart rate, read moisture in a property or ensure that a room maintains the right temperature, you need to measure with sensors or transducers. The measured values must then be processed to perhaps be published on a display, in a mobile app, regulate a room temperature or keep a climate system running. It quickly becomes a large network of functions that must work together.

Sensor system is a huge concept that spans several different industries. We have highly experienced technical consultants with good knowledge of the respective sectors, and who have the curiosity and creativity required when the demands are high. In that way, you get what you ask for, and even some more.


Connectivity and IoT – a connected technology world

In most of our projects, it is necessary to get several different units to communicate with each other in a way that guarantees function, efficiency, reliability and preferably energy efficiency. Connectivity is highly relevant considering how our society is becoming more and more connected through various communication technologies. Within electronics and embedded systems, we notice that the assignments are becoming both more numerous and more advanced.

BT/BLE, WLAN, ZigBee and TCP/IP are some of the technologies we often use to ensure frictionless communication. Let it be complete solutions for connected systems, embedded systems, data collection or local/mobile networks. We can do it!

We can support companies and the public sector with IoT in many different ways, ranging from being an advisor when procuring an IoT platform, developing hardware or software to being a complete platform supplier through our own solution.

Solutions within IoT

  • Design of IoT architecture that adapts to the application
  • Development of hardware and software for connected products – sensors, actuators, gateways
  • Connection to cloud solutions such as Amazon, Azure using IoT standard protocols such as MQTT, COAP, AMQP
  • Sensor systems ready for ZigBee
  • Creation of requirements for your IoT solution
  • Advice on strategy or procurement of IoT solutions

Our own IoT platform


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Mikael Duvander
CQO & Technical Advisor
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Manager Electronics & Software Development


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