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Software Development

Software solutions for a better (digital) world

One thing is certain: software systems are complex

When you assign software developers, it is important that you feel confident that they know what they are doing. The complexity puts high demands on the development process - which we have both long and solid experience from.

With a strong user focus and solid testing methods, we help you make a difference. We deliver the software you need so that your company, with your products, can make the world a better place.

Our ambition is to simplify your work, by offering the expertise you need to develop secure, functional and sustainable software systems and applications. If you also have a strong interest in sustainability, then we would be more than happy to work with you!

Web development - the core of the digital product

We have a very broad competence in software development with a focus on web applications, which are in many ways the core of the digital era. Much of what you use on your phone, for example, is supported by information and functions on the web, just like almost all digital solutions on your computer. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, you do not need to turn to any other supplier, as our web developers take care of the entire development chain from idea to launched finished product.


Development and quality assurance

The building blocks and tools for web development are many and diversed, but we have good experience with most modern programming languages, tools and platforms. Simply everything that talented frontend and backend developers need to know!

Quality assurance in the form of testing is central during development and in connection with release. We perform manual testing when needed, but automate testing as much as possible and our DevOps create and maintain CI/CD pipelines relevant to the applications.


Mobile applications – your contact with the outside world

When developing mobile applications, we focus on user-friendliness and how the applications can help you communicate with the outside world. It doesn't matter what sector you operate in, or whether it's for iOS or Android. What you need is an experienced partner who thinks about the user experience and focuses on functionality!

The apps we develop often need to be able to communicate with other devices, so most of them have Bluetooth or are connected to the cloud. This enables interaction between the physical product and the digital one, which is something we are passionate about.

Smartly developed software is crucial to the lasting value of the end product. From us and our awesome app developers, you get mobile applications that give your products the functionality and feel needed to make a difference in the market!

UX design – for the sake of the user

Have you thought about how easy some websites and apps are to use? It proves that the UX designer has done their job. UX design is about use and experience. It doesn't matter if it's a website or an app; a strategically developed UX design increases the possibility of good traffic and a positive user experience.


Experience based on user needs

Creating user-friendliness - or usability - is about putting oneself in the user's situation. Who is she? What is most important to him? Through careful research, user studies and tests, we identify the needs and behaviors of your target groups, and then let our UX designers develop the flow and user experience based on the needs of the users and the purpose of the product.

We strive to give your customers a sense of accessibility and an experience that is so simple and easy to understand that they don't think about it. With intuitive guidance and well-thought-out strategic interaction solutions, our UX designers create a better interaction between people and technology. A better world for everyone!



Examples of languages, tools and frameworks we work with

Web applications

  • React, Angular and Vue
  • JavaScript / TypeScript
  • .NET 
  • Java and C#
  • Python, PHP
  • Docker and Kubernetes
  • SQL, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL

Mobile applications

  • React Native
  • Swift and Objective-C
  • Kotlin and Java

Cloud platforms

  • Azure
  • AWS (Amazon Web Services)
  • Google Cloud

UX/UI design (User Experience / User Interface)

  • Figma and Adobe XD
  • Wireframes and hi-fi prototypes
  • HMI (Human-Machine-Interface)

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Annika von Hofsten
Annika von Hofsten
Manager Software Development, Head of Equality & Diversity
Håkan Rolin
Håkan Rolin
Manager Software Development

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