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Group Together Tech

Our values

Joy, Consideration and Ambition


We want work at Together Tech to be fun! We contribute towards joyful collaboration through a positive attitude in all contexts. We encourage joint activities and want everyone to be involved.

We feel proud of belonging to Together Tech and of what we achieve together. We create mutual connection through a flat organization and short decision-making paths.

We focus on success and are happy when things go well for us. We celebrate our successes and experiences - both major and minor.


We help each other succeed in our various tasks and share our knowledge. We care about how things are going for the company, and take responsibility for relationships, deliveries and business results.

We are all of equal worth, we show mutual respect, and we want to know each other. We learn through our differences. We see, listen to and encourage each other. We can talk about anything we want to.  

We give and receive constructive feedback. We are open and honest and keep to what we promise.



We are very ambitious, and always want to progress, both individually and as a company. We innovate, develop and improve, and are committed to and passionate about people, technique and business.
We believe everything is possible!

We challenge each other to think differently and try out a range of options to resolve problems. We know that initiative and creativity breed success.

We support each other when something is difficult. We embrace mistakes as important experiences.

We are a driving force, and develop our skills by acting, evaluating and reflecting.


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