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Our customers and partners

We want to work with customers who, just like us, are passionate about sustainability and development. In collaboration we use our competence and experience to lift the products to new heights. We would also like to team up with other partners and be able to make an even bigger difference.

Our passion and vision is to develop the products of the future, physical and digital, for a better world. This overall vision means that we target many different types of customers, where the common denominator is that everyone wants to improve our world in some way. We are happy to help regardless of the size of the client and have experience from working with start-ups with one or a few single people to the really large international companies with decades of history and thousands of employees.

Start-ups and small companies

For our small customers in terms of size, we often act as advisors and experts, but of course also contribute with competence in a more classic way. Sometimes we also act completely as an outsourced development department, where we take care of the technical development from concept to product in production.

This is usually appreciated as we have the competence to drive all parts of the development and also the facilities and contacts to carry out, for example, preliminary studies, testing and some production. It is important to us that the customer has confidence in us and we are very careful to always have an open, proactive and responsive communication regarding needs and solutions.

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Big companies

We know that large, often international, companies usually work in more complex processes and experience other kind of challenges. Therefore, of course, we adapt our way of working and help these larger customers in the way that is requested. Often this involves classic consulting assistance with one or more consultants on site, as experts or responsible for entire projects if necessary.

Our fantastic employees and partners are experienced and provide great opportunities to successfully solve the needs that arise. We constantly strive to be as flexible, efficient and pragmatic as possible in order to achieve the best possible results in both our operational work and in our business dialogue.


What do our customers say?

Below are some examples of customers we have previously collaborated with, have assignments for now, and what they say about collaborating with us.

Anders Nilsson, Group Manager at Group Trucks Technology

"The development together with Together Tech has worked well. We think that Together Tech listens to our needs and requirements, raises problems early and their employees have a high level of technical understanding. I feel that their leadership is based on transparency and a willingness to deliver what the customer is asking for. We can recommend Together Tech to others.”


"The collaboration with Together Tech has worked very well. They quickly suggested suitable candidates and were responsive to our needs. The consultant we have used for several years now is perceived as very competent and has delivered at a high level."


"Together Tech is a professional and service-oriented partner. We especially appreciate that we have a direct dialogue and receive a quick response to our requests."

Are you curious about how we can meet your needs? Fill in the request and we will come back to you.


Brokers and partners

We have a wide network of various partners, usually other consulting companies or so-called brokers, in order to easily reach out to more customers and assignments. This is to create opportunities for our consultants to carry out assignments with exciting customers, but also to support and help our partners with their needs.

In this way, we are all part of a large network that all work for the good of the customers, consultants and technology development!



If our customers need help that we cannot provide for various reasons, we are happy to use one or serveral of our talented sub-consultants to solve the problem. Our network of sub-consultants consists of both experienced self-employed people and other consulting companies that we collaborate with. We are always open to our customers about how the set up between us looks like to ensure transparency and successful delivery.

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Jesper Sandstedt
KAM Mobility & Partnerships