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Better World Developer Award

Neoventa is Better World Developer 2018


Neoventa Medical - Innovative Foetal Monitoring with STAN S41

Gothenburg-based medtech company Neoventa Medical, with its latest product for foetal monitoring, STAN S41, is the recipient of the Together Tech Better World Developer Award 2018. In connection with the award, a donation of 20,000 SEK was made to PLAN International - Safe Delivery.

The award has been established by Together Tech to recognise companies or organisations that contribute to a better world through innovative product development. It was presented for the first time at a ceremony at Neoventa on 20th March.

"Our vision is to develop products for a better world, and we hope that the Better World Developer Award can inspire even more people to develop even better products," said Sara Lindmark, CEO of Together Tech, in a comment.

Innovative Foetal Monitoring with STAN S41

Together Tech assisted Neoventa with a technical solution that made it possible to integrate the evidence-based STAN technology into an existing CTG device. This resulted in the STAN S41, a complete, compact, and portable CTG device with a flexible design that allows for different configurations, enabling the device to be adapted to the workflow of each clinic.


"With this project, we have been able to utilise our full range of expertise in medical technology, electronics, software development, as well as project management and quality. It's always exciting to be involved from idea to finished product, and the entire team has delivered world-class product development," says Mikael Duvander, the customer manager for Neoventa at Together Tech.

Mikael Duvander


Mikael Duvander
Mikael Duvander
CQO & Technical Advisor