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Future technology in textile, non-woven, wood, metal and polymeric materials

Today's materials technology is very much about the future

How sustainable is the material you use? How do different substances affect the environment? Recyclables, what do you do with it? How does a particular choice of material benefit the circular economy?

You may have used a certain material before and feel confident with it. But are you sure it's the best? Our engineers have a good grasp of news, follow developments carefully and are happy to challenge you with new proposals for materials and processes.

Our curiosity drives us to become better. We have long been a reliable supplier in the mobility sector and develop upholstery for seats, door inserts and carpets, among other things. Polymeric materials, non-woven, wood and metal are also included in our competence portfolio.

A secured inflow of competence

We are constantly updated within our specialist competences, but also in areas such as sustainability, reuse and circular economy. Many of our engineers have good knowledge of sustainability from their education. We also have our own training courses in sustainability that we offer our employees on an ongoing basis. When you cooperate with us, you get access to a large collective of competence!

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Long experience in the development of surface materials

Technical knowledge is also required when producing products with soft surface materials, such as textiles, leather or vinyl. We have a number of textile engineers who have extensive experience from working with interior details for Automotive (for example upholstery for seats, door inserts and carpets). We also have extensive experience in development within polymeric materials, non-woven, wood and metal, for example for decors and panels. All of this requires knowledge in, among other things,  material quality and sustainability

The need for soft materials is also great within Medtech, for example for products in the treatment of wounds and various skin conditions. This is where our experience comes in hand. We are certified within ISO 13485 and are well acquainted with the legal requirements that you have to deal with, and can therefore offer you both a flexible and qualitative work process.

The challenges in this area are great, but with challenges grows our ambition to deliver optimal products according to your needs! You name it, we fix it!

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Catherine Frövik
Catherine Frövik
Manager Mobility & Materials