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Better World Developer Award

Inzile is Better World Developer 2019


Electric City Transporters with PRO4

Inzile, through its electric transport vehicle PRO4, creates an environmentally friendly solution for transportation and service in urban environments. In most of Sweden's largest cities, combustion engine traffic accounts for more than two-thirds of nitrogen oxide emissions and nearly half of total greenhouse gas emissions.

Emission-free for urban transport needs

More and more cities are implementing environmental zones for combustion engines, and PRO4 is an excellent alternative in such cases. Inzile PRO4 is developed in Sweden and is a flexible and modular work vehicle for various applications. The modular solutions allow the vehicle to be easily adapted to different needs. Inzile PRO4 is completely emission-free and can be charged in wall sockets or charging stations.

Together Tech has contributed to the development of PRO4 with mechanical design in several areas, based on our office in Linköping.