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Work in Sweden

Togetherness at its best!

Together Tech has employees from all over the world and welcomes people of all genders, ethnicities, ages and more. Our mission is to attract and develop great people with the right mindset, focused on product development and digital solutions, by nourishing a diverse and inclusive workplace built on joy, consideration, and ambition. Diversity strengthens Together Tech, and we are proud of our possibilities to offer the clients new perspectives in the problem solving and product development process.  

Our experience - your advantage

We have great experience of employing competence abroad and continuously improve the onboarding process. You might also get in contact with one of our current employees, who has done the exciting and challenging life-changing journey you’re about to make!  

To be able to move to, live and work in Sweden as a non-Swedish citizen, the main rule is that you need a valid residence and work permit before entering Sweden. Together Tech is a certified partner to the Swedish Migration Agency, which is the Swedish authority handling all permit applications. With this certification, we can assist our new employees in the residence and work permit process. However, not everyone needs to apply for a work permit in Sweden. EU citizens, for instance, have the right of free movement within the EU. 


Work-life balance

One thing that attracts many people regarding working life in Sweden is the country's view of the work-life balance. In Sweden it is important to have a good balance between career and private life. It is about creating the right conditions for good performance and sustainability in work life that a lot of organizations want for the employees. 

In Sweden a normal work week usually is 40 hours, and there are laws regulating how much overtime you can work. Another common thing in Sweden is flexible hours. Everybody has the right to vacation and usually you’re entitled to at least 25 vacation days every year. As an employee you are also entitled to have a continuous vacation of four weeks during summer (from June-August), with some exceptions.



Innovation and entrepreneurship is something Sweden is known for and several times Sweden has topped the European Innovation Scoreboard, a yearly index published by the European Commission.


Gender equality

Sweden is a country that for a long time has been a strong promotor of gender equality and has a law against gender discrimination. The aim when it comes to worklife in Sweden is that everyone regardless of gender should have the right to work and support themselves and be given opportunities and the right conditions to choose the worklife they aim for.

Read more about gender equality at Together Tech.

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Good things to know about swedish culture

Make the first move 
Don’t be shy to say hello to Swedes at the office. Swedes may seem a bit reserved at first, but they usually open up nicely. If everyting else fails, try talking about the weather. 😊 

Take fika seriously 
Coffee break, or as we call it in Sweden: fika, is still playing an important role at Swedish workplaces. It’s a nice way to bond with colleagues in an informal context.

Casual Friday all week long. Smart casual, with jeans/trousers, shirt, blouse or T-shirt, a pullover. Even sneakers are usually seen at workplaces.  

Public transport works well 
Bus, tram, train: commuting in Sweden is quite convenient. Many Swedes live a bit outside the city, commuting to work daily.  

The four seasons 
Sweden is known for its nature and archipelagoes that are rich in lakes, green forests, and sea. Stretching from the European mainland to the Arctic. Each of the four seasons spring, summer, autumn and winter have their own unique characters, that can be quite different depending on where you live in this oblong country.

A cashless society  
In Sweden, technology is close to making cash a thing of the past. Sweden has been at the forefront of banking innovation for a long time. We use mobile payments in the app Swish, to use it we have a Mobile bank ID where you can identify yourself online. Of course, we use bank cards to pay as well!

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