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Increasing the in-house capacity from large to XXL

Together Tech's vision is, together with customers and partners, create a better world with the help of technology and sustainable product development. We call it Let's tech together.

Technological development is moving at breakneck speed in many areas and this requires us to constantly sharpen our skills, but also create more space for exciting assignments and customers by investing in our capacity development. That is why our offices in Gothenburg, Jönköping and Linköping are currently being rebuilt and expanded.

Already well-equipped labs and workshops get larger areas, more capacity, new technology and larger machine parks. The capacity expansion is one of Together Tech's biggest investments ever and it has a clear win-win profile. The goal is to transform the offices into even stronger Tech Centers to the benefit of our customers, but also into stimulating innovation environments for our employees who want to work with the most demanding and exciting projects.

A reliable in-house partner who guides correctly and safely

Safety, experience and knowledge. This is what our customers are asking for and it is also a cornerstone of Together Tech's offer to our customers. We are a safe partner where our customers can trust that it will be right. It is important when there are demands that products get to the market quickly. It has to be right all the way from the idea stage through to prototype manufacturing and on to testing and verification.

When you give us overall responsibility as an in-house partner, you never have to doubt that we live up to our promises. The capacity is there for the most demanding projects. We guide you correctly and safely through difficult material choices, complex simulation phases and advanced analyses. We do this through the entire development process where you have one contact throughout the process. Together we create Better World Tech - future products for a better world!

Konsulter i samarbete

- Our competence in areas such as Embedded systems and Mechanical engineering is well known and this gives us many new assignments. At the same time, we see a future where the needs of various industries will require even more competence and capacity in the form of, for example, larger and more flexible premises, more employees, more machines, measuring instruments and ESD-protected workspaces with well-equipped labs.

That's why we're getting ready right now and it's an investment that will make a difference. We can add more competence in all phases of product development, take overall responsibility and also speed up the pace of development significantly, says Marko Koivumäki, who thinks it is an exciting development.

Marko Koivumäki Together Tech

Rapid prototyping in a lab for additive manufacturing

"Everything under one roof" is an old cliché, but it fits well at Together Tech. Nothing will be missing to drive demanding development projects. At the same time as the premises are optimized for different types of projects, our opportunities for really fast prototyping are expanded. One example is a new optimized lab for additive manufacturing in an expanded prototype and test center.

- In just a few years, there have been many new materials and production methods that we use in our assignments. Everything from soft 40 Shore A 100% Silicon, ESD Resin, Biocompatible Resin to really stiff or durable materials. We have experienced designers who are trained prototype engineers and work in our lab with 3D printers. The technology makes it possible to produce prototypes in a few hours compared to perhaps a week with external suppliers, Marko continues.

The new premises are also adapted to be able to meet different customers' requirements for defined and secured project rooms. Within Medtech, Mobility and Security, among others, there are projects that require even higher security and then we can create customer-specific and secured production areas.


We help the industry take on tough challenges 

Together Tech has more than 30 years of experience in product development together with many of Sweden's leading industrial and tech companies. We have a solid knowledge and ability to realize ideas and make them possible to produce with high quality in a cost-effective way. Together Tech has completed many successful projects in, for example, electronics, software and mechanics

When our customers are faced with challenges, we have been a reliable partner who has always had the capacity and competence to realize the opportunities that exist. The industry's challenges today are many and perhaps the most revolutionary in several decades. This is also why Together Tech invests heavily - to continue to be a strong partner and enabler!



Marko Koivumäki
Marko Koivumäki
Manager Mechanical Engineering
Mikael Duvander
Mikael Duvander
CQO & Technical Advisor
maja schentz
Maja Schentz
Manager Jönköping

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