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Quality assurance in a precise place

Fixtures – quality assurance in a precise place

A product must be both tested and assembled in a defined manner. With the help of test and assembly fixtures, testing and assembly become repeatable, errors are minimised and product quality is ensured. We develop both the products and the fixtures with this in mind.

Test fixtures

The circuit boards and products need to be tested before and during assembly. We have solid experience in the development and manufacture of everything from complete test platforms to more simplified test aids. Test points, contacts, diodes, memory card holders, buttons, wearing cards, cooling, modules, pneumatics, serviceability, lifetime, simultaneous movements or sequential movements, cabling, test needles or customized test cards are our everyday life.


Assembly fixtures

We help you develop and manufacture smart assembly fixtures and aids that simplify and ensure quality assembly through a systematic way of working.


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Marko Koivumäki
Marko Koivumäki
Manager Mechanical Engineering