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IoT Platform "Connect"

A smooth and scalable start to your IoT journey

Our own IoT platform

Our own platform for IoT can be implemented and used in many different environments and applications. It enables a quick way to get started if you are at the beginning of your IoT journey and may not have a solution already.

We address property owners or other actors with a need to monitor and control various systems in buildings, companies with production facilities where you want to control and monitor production equipment or where there is a need to track equipment during, for example, transport. Another area is the monitoring of equipment in hard-to-reach or dangerous environments. The platform is suitable for both B2B and B2C applications.

Scalable platform

We offer our customers a secure, flexible and scalable platform for IoT where we can connect wireless sensors for measurement, analysis and control. The sensors in the system can measure many different parameters, it can be about measuring pressure, temperature, humidity and CO2.

The sensors can be connected and talk to each other through a mesh network. The IoT system can be "trained" to react to a certain condition and then activate an alarm or a notification that something needs to be fixed.


Flexibility and customer adaptation

Our IoT platform allows customized interfaces or you choose the platform's standard GUI. As a user, you always have access to your real-time and historical data, regardless of where you are. The data is visualized in dashboards that we build according to your needs and wishes.

The IoT platform supports both customer and device management. Users can log into the system via a web portal or mobile interface and view status and take action as needed.

The platform can be adapted and developed for most product applications and user scenarios. We work continuously with development of the platform and continuously add new functionality.


Connected buildings

In real estate management and monitoring, they were early adopters of IoT solutions. With IoT, there are great opportunities for real estate owners to improve energy efficiency and reduce their energy costs. In properties, sensors can be used to measure temperature, humidity, CO2 levels and consumption of electricity and water. Ventilation and lighting can be controlled and you can connect security systems for e.g. fire, passage and burglar alarms.

With our platform, the indoor climate in buildings can be both measured and controlled by the system collecting and structuring a large amount of data in real time, which it then learns to act on. The platform can be used both in residential buildings, commercial buildings and cultural-historical buildings.

Industrial IoT

Sensors that measure temperature, pressure and vibration can provide production facility managers with increased control over their production. A connected production also gives them the opportunity to make better use of the facility's capacity, avoid operational disruptions and optimise the process.

Through IoT, machines' availability, performance and quality can be measured and visualised in real time. Predictive analysis and predictive maintenance make it possible to avoid unwanted stops and unnecessary wear and tear.


System components of the platform

Our IoT platform includes a number of self-designed system components:

  • Sensors for temperature and humidity, e.g. for concrete casting
  • Router
  • Controller for Zigbee or local area network
  • Gateway for 4G, Wifi or Ethernet
  • Energy harvesting sensor with air quality measurement, gas (VOCs, eCO2), pressure, temperature and humidity
circuit board

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