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A more secure world is a better world

It is a human right to feel safe and secure

Unfortunately, this is not given in reality, which becomes especially clear in our ever-changing and unpredictable world.

Our job within Security deal with everything from the defense of democratic rights to people's everyday safety. Our expertise are in areas like systems for traffic control, communication, navigation and surveillance for aviation and shipping as well as satellite separation systems, and with this we have only scratched the surface. We also have the procedures and processes needed to be able to do security clearance, which may be required for assignments within the defense industry.

By participating in the development of high-tech systems and products that improve people's safety, we contribute to creating a better life for both society and everyday life. It is a work that clearly summarizes what we mean by Better World Tech!

Manufacturing engineering

The growing requirements within Security mean a constant flow of new product solutions. Our long experience in production technology, aeronautical technology and preparation within, for example, the defense industry, creates good conditions for a seamless onward flow to production.

Examples of assignments we have been trusted with:

  • Preparation of electrical and mechanical installations
  • Follow-up and quality assurance of manufacturing preparations and manufacturing processes
  • Requirements and review of construction documents
  • Continuous improvement
  • Implementation of product changes and establishment of work instructions
  • Industrialisation of new processes

Mechanical design

New materials and manufacturing methods are combined with CAE, where we have knowledge of the most common tools on the market. Prototype or large-scale production? Our engineers have many years of knowledge for all needs and assignments!

Examples of assignments we have been trusted with:

  • Design of critical, load-bearing structures
  • Tool design, for manufacturing and assembly
  • Design, dimensioning and detailed design of mechanical systems
  • Modularization and streamlining of CAD models and product structures

Software development

As the world changes, product development must be adapted to the security needs that arise, and software plays a key role there. We at Together Tech develop the software systems of the future, where a smooth connection between usability, functionality and security guarantees you that your products do the job!

Examples of assignments we have been trusted with:

  • Software development for devices within secure communication
  • Software development in underwater systems
  • Test development for devices within secure communication

Embedded Systems

We have been developing embedded systems since the eighties and have extensive experience with various hardware, microcontrollers, communication interfaces, development environments and configuration tools. We simply make sure your products work the right way!

Examples of assignments we have been trusted with:

  • Firmware development
  • Development of drivers
  • Protocol implementation
circuit board

System and component verification

For several years now, we have had consultants who only work with system and component verification. It is a result of more strict, legal requirements and standards for how the verification should be performed, but also a natural process for us at Together Tech. Our quality control is as careful as it is self-evident.

Examples of assignments we have been trusted with:

  • Analysis of tests for environmental durability
  • Validation of design requirements (FAI - First Article Inspection)
3d printing

Test development and mechanical testing

It is in the nature of the area that you must be able to trust that the solutions and products we develop meet all legal requirements. Therefore, we always develop specially adapted test methods in parallel (or even before) the actual product development, manual as well as automated.

Examples of assignments we have been trusted with:

  • Development of test procedures
  • Carrying out tests in test rigs
  • Analysis and documentation of implementation and results

Security - a Together Tech in miniature

You will find almost all of our areas of expertise within Security, and our list of highly interesting projects is long and comprehensive. The products and systems we develop produce measurable results, but something that cannot be measured is the dedication with which our employees take on their tasks. When you hire us, you can be sure that it is carried out by highly competent and structured engineers who are driven by curiosity, commitment and a strong sense of responsibility. No challenge is too great when it comes to creating a better world.

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Ingo Aiff
Ingo Aiff
Manager Manufacturing Engineering
Peter Warlich
Manager Electronics & Software Development
Susann Alsibai
Susann Alsibai
Manager Software Development