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Workshop: Sustainability in the Innovation Process

Workshop: Sustainability in the Innovation Process

Innovation is key to achieving sustainability. For that reason, we created this workshop to mix both concepts and evaluate your innovative ideas under the magnifying glass of sustainability. For a sustainable product strategy to be successful, several functions must be involved. Therefore, this workshop is useful for a wide range of professionals and organisations interested in innovation or sustainability.

The workshop is aimed at customers who want to take steps towards increased sustainability, for example by investigating problems and thereby finding new ideas to renew your product portfolio.

Sustainability in product development activities

What will you learn during the workshop?

  • Strategies and tools to include sustainability in your innovation or problem solving process
  • One possible way to evaluate different ideas at an early stage, based on the sustainability aspect
  • Methods to challenge traditional ways of developing products, processes or services, which usually only include sustainability from legal aspects
  • A methodology that you can reuse in your own organisation for other projects

Expected outcome of the workshop

  • Knowledge of an innovation process as a tool for problem solving
  • Awareness of sustainability in relation to your business
  • Insights and strategies to increase the power of innovation by using sustainability tools
  • Action plan for your idea of how to introduce sustainability in your product

We will share tools that you can implement in your own development process.

"Companies must put sustainability at the center of their decision-making, for the sake of humanity and for their own business results. A healthy planet is the backbone of almost every industry on Earth."

The Secretary General of the UN, during the Stockholm +50 conference


Gustaf Kabroo
Gustaf Kabroo
Manager Innovation & Sustainability
Thomas Steindahl
Thomas Steindahl
Chief Innovation Officer
Karina Bret
Karina Bret
Manager Sustainability