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Enhance Sustainability in Product Development Activities

Are you looking to take your sustainability efforts to the next level?

Many of our customers are already making developments towards improving the sustainability of their products. However, we've noticed that these efforts often remain isolated and fail to integrate fully into the product development process in the early stages. This limits the overall impact of their product portfolios, which in turn miss out opportunities, or in the worst case, turns out in greenwashing.

Sustainability early in the design process, a game-changing mindset

Our systemic approach provides a comprehensive vision for incorporating sustainability considerations during the crucial concept and design phases of product development. But that is not all. We have also noticed that Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and similar assessment tools are being underutilised when it comes to comparing design options across different impact categories. We believe that identifying the main opportunities from assessing your product or even your own product development process could play a vital role in the early design stages. That is why we are here to help companies unlock the full potential of LCA among other assessing strategies to obtain its benefits.

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Keep it simple!

If your company is not assessing the sustainability of your product in early design phases, you could be missing out on valuable insights. We recommend starting with a rough LCA using baseline data and conducting a sensitivity analysis to explore uncertainties, or your could use our advice and expertise to assess and improve your product's sustainability profile.

Our team of experts, who possess extensive knowledge in the trending sustainability concerns and diverse product requirements, can guide you in reducing uncertainties and customizing qualitative tools that fit your specific needs.

Design for Sustainability

Multidisciplinary approach is key

That is why we encourage you to build team capabilities that incorporates inputs from different life cycle phases, and calling our  experts in various environmental, social and economic impacts. By working together, we can help you navigate this journey towards sustainability success or even assist in defining a qualitative pre-life cycle assessment.

Do not let the potential of your sustainability initiatives go untapped. Join us at Together Tech and revolutionize your product development process by embedding sustainability from the start.
Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your sustainability goals and drive meaningful change.


Karina Bret
Karina Bret
Manager Sustainability