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Sofia - A win - win engineer!

Meet our employee Sofia Dallorso

Sofia describes why she choosed to work at Together Tech and that the company's focus on environment and sustainibility is the main reasons that motivates her in her work.


Why Together Tech?

When Sofia first heard about Together Tech, she was attracted by our broad supply portfolio and the opportunities to work with varied assignments, but primarily she applied to us because we take sustainability very seriously. Improving the world and people's lives creates value and meaning. Sofia:

- I feel that Together Tech lives up to its objectives. In addition, they take care of their employees in a good way. Everyone here really has a voice. It creates a sense of freedom. You are taken seriously and can control yourself and your time.

Sofia has a lively personality and a broad background. And when asked about her professional goals, she is clear about her aims:

-There is so much you want to achieve, but I feel that I really want to help Together Tech create effective results where everyone wins! The customer, the user, us, the world. It feels both long-term and value-creating.

Focus on environment and sustainibility!

Sofia sees herself as a typical representative of her generation. The eco-environment is in focus, even more important than how much you earn, which also affects where you want to work. Circular production and technology development for a better world are attractive to many in her field:

- We are a generation that really wants to make a difference and create value. We feel flexible and brave and understands quite quickly if what we do makes sense. If we don't like it, we move on.

To the most difficult question of them all, which are her most important character traits, she quickly answers:

- Outgoing! I love win-win situations. When everyone wins from what is done, then I feel at my best!

Sofia Dallorso

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