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Our ESG Policy

Through this policy, we take responsibility for how we affect the environment, the society, and the governance of our company.


Striving for a Better World, we assess projects through the Better World index, aligning with UN sustainability principles. Collaborating with partners, we provide eco-conscious technical solutions, addressing planet, people, and prosperity. 

Employee competence is key, enhancing their sustainability skills through training. 
We target carbon emission reduction, engaging suppliers, employees, and customers. Our commitment to climate action is outlined in our Climate Change Position Letter. 

Eco-friendly workplaces, transport, and technology upgrades are prioritized. We minimize environmental impact by eliminating unnecessary consumables and involving employees in resource conservation, promoting a sustainable future.


Together Tech champions human rights, endorsing the UN Convention, emphasizing equality, diversity, and fair job opportunities. We select assignments promoting human rights and fostering a just society. 

Employee well-being is a priority, ensuring safety, fair working conditions, and freedom from discrimination through regular audits and active whistleblowing mechanisms. 

We condemn child labor, forced labor, and discrimination, refusing partnerships with violators. Our transparent processes, unbiased recruitment, and focus on gender equality build an inclusive workplace. Social initiatives include internships, supporting women in technology, and sustainable charities. 

Teaming up with strategic partners, we tackle global sustainability challenges, following ethical supply chain practices, promoting human rights, environmental protection, and fair competition.


Together Tech prioritizes financial vigilance, adhering to strict guidelines, fair trade practices, and taxation responsibilities. We foster transparency, encouraging employees to report conflicts of interest. 

Management boards ensure accountability across our units. A Contingency Plan addresses emerging risks, continuously updated. Whistleblowing mechanisms align with Swedish law. We comply rigorously with legal requirements, promoting trust through transparency.

Regular self-assessment enhances our sustainability efforts, enabling us to assess institutions like the Global Compact. Corrupt activities, including money laundering and bribery, are unequivocally condemned.

Sara Lindmark
Sara Lindmark
Vanja Wennergren
Vanja Wennergren
Supervisor Environment & Quality