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Madelene Bjurbäck

Madelene makes our new employees brave!

Meet our employee Madelene Bjurbäck


Madelene talks about what it's like to lead the Buddy program at Together Tech! A program that means support for increased cohesion and community for new employees.


Important support for new employees!

For many, being new at work can raise a number of questions. Who should I talk to? How do I join the gang? What if I say something stupid? At Together Tech, we have solved that with our Buddy program, which means that as a new employee you have a buddy who follows you for the first year to guide and support you.

Madelene Bjurbäck works with Industrial Engineering & Management at Together Tech. She is also the leader of the Buddy program; about 25 Together Techers who are each responsible for 1 – 5 new hires. Her ambition is for everyone to get on board from the start; that everyone should feel seen:

- A Buddy is a friend, not a boss. With that input value, it will be easier for the new employee to ask questions. It's not dangerous to ask a friend.

This way of working tells a lot about Together Tech's soft values. We look after our employees and see our cohesion as a strength. The big challenge is to capture all the external consultants that you don't meet on a daily basis. Since Madelene herself works on site at one of our larger customers in Mobility, she knows what is required.

- What we want are seen employees. We are a big family, which makes our employees not only feel comfortable quickly, but also to stay with us. And this applies not least to those of our employees who work on site at our customers. Like myself! It becomes so much easier for me to put myself in their situation.

To quickly enter the community!

At Together Tech we like to collaborate and learn from each other. Through zealots like Madelene, we can quickly get new employees into the community and thus both thrive and perform better.

Finally, what is the most important thing you can convey to those you buddy with?

- The most important thing is that they should not be afraid that they are new! Everyone has been there at some point, and with the support that the Buddy program provides, we make sure that the break-in time is as short as possible!

Madelene Bjurbäck

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