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Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

LCA - a tool that assists you on your sustainability journey

It doesn't matter if you are new or experienced in sustainability work. Doing a life cycle assessment always provides valuable information to make fact-based decisions.

LCA is an accepted way to identify potential improvements in the environmental performance of your product or even in your entire organisation. LCA provides a basis for comparing different design options, to understand your product's environmental footprint or to make an environmental product declaration (EPD).

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

 We help you through the entire LCA process

  • Set the scope and limits of your analysis
  • Collect and manage information
  • Model
  • Interprete and report
  • Do the sensitivity analysis
  • Parameterise
  • Compare different design variables
  • Calculate the carbon footprint or water footprint
  • Make the environmental product declaration according to ISO standard

We collaborate with Eando to perform certain LCA-related services.

Karina Bret
Karina Bret
Manager Sustainability