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Lars Sundberg

Lars Sundberg – Builds we-feeling!

Meet our employee Lars Sundberg

Lars Sundberg's creativity and talent spans many fields. Of course, Lars is an engineer, but at Together Tech he is also known for his sense of team building. He has a knack for everything from Mechanical Engineering to photography and cooking.


Lars – a teambuilder

Lars works as a Senior Mechanical Design Engineer and has been with us at Together Tech since 2022. Before that, he has worked as a consultant since 1998, of which nine years in the USA. At the time of writing, he is working on several projects, including a medical technology project concerning guided assists for migraine patients.

“We-feeling” is close to Lars' heart and he has initiated several events at work that have been highly appreciated. Common bun-baking, Jersey-day (their team's jerseys), Christmas and Easter lunches are some examples. Lars is a brainstormer when it comes to things like this. He tells:

"Joint events are important and fun, not least for colleagues with a foreign background. They get a chance to show more about themselves and where they come from. The events give an increased self-awareness and exposure that grows and strengthens the community.”

Lars feels that you discover new sides of each other during the events. Everyone contributes during the event. The collaboration strengthens the “we-feeling” and increases the work-effort to the better.

"Even though we are professionals, it's about being able to work well and have fun together. Putting people in a completely new situation creates openness and creativity, which in turn benefits the work. And you have fun too!”

Together Tech is truly together

Product development is a team activity and joint activities strengthen teamwork, even if it is about something as mundane as baking buns together. Together Tech sees the value in this and Lars basically has free hands to come up with events, thanks in large part to the company's open view of creativity.

When Lars is not developing technical products and organizing events at work, he photographs a lot, including weddings, and he is also very interested in cooking. And considering how important he thinks the “we-feeling” is, it's no wonder that he often brings friends over for well-prepared culinary evenings!

Lars Sundberg

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