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Power distribution Unit for Västtrafik's buses

Changing buses for you and me is not a big thing, but for Västtrafik it was something completely different. In 2020, the time had come to replace diesel-powered buses with electric ones. In connection with the change, they needed to update the Power distribution Unit (PDU) in the buses. Innovative thinking and good project management were required. How lucky they turned to us at Together Tech!


Functions in a steady stream

There are a lot of functions in a bus, in addition to the journey itself, that make life easier for both the passengers and the driver. The traffic information system helps the driver keep the timetable, the stop announcements must be synchronized with where the bus is located, the passengers must be able to follow the arrival of the bus in real time, you must be able to pay, and everything else that is part of the journey. All of Västtrafik's functions are powered by the bus's Power distribution Unit, which also distributes the electricity so that the bus does not draw an unnecessary amount of energy which is important to maximize the range of the bus.

A journey towards better efficiency

The development of the new PDU was driven by a need for higher efficiency at various levels. For example being able to install and troubleshoot more efficiently. The PDU was also developed to give flexibility to the buses, as the different outputs can be set in different positions depending on need. Newer buses also have more equipment, so the number of available power outputs for connecting various functions had to be increased.


Complete product responsibility

The development team consisted of several people from different technical areas, and through good project management and collaboration, the PDU was successfully developed against a tight schedule. The project required expertise in power electronics, mechanics and software development. During development, a strong focus was kept on capturing all the details from Västtrafik's requirements in order to be able to deliver as complete a product as possible. Together Tech also evaluated production partners and was responsible for production and delivery to Västtrafik.

Group Together Tech

Successful development from requirements to installation

Despite the tight schedule, the development and delivery of the new PDU was successful and the team still managed to find solutions to ensure production. The PDU was quickly appreciated by installations- and maintenance personnel because it is easy to install, use and troubleshoot. As the number of busses in Västtrafiks fleet increases, the PDU is continuously produced and installed. To summarise - a better world in public transport!



Niklas Hagman
Niklas Hagman
Senior Electronics Engineer
Mikael Duvander
Mikael Duvander
CQO & Technical Advisor

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