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New hope for everyone with migraine

The common disease migraine affects both children and adults. A migraine attack means suffering for the individual and often results in a reduced quality of life for those around them as well, as rest is usually required. Now there is a way to prevent and relieve symptoms through Cerebri, a medical device solution under development.

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About Cerebri

The innovation consists of wireless sensors and an app that records the data. The app also guides the patient through various relaxation exercises to reduce pain. The sensors measure muscle activity in the upper trapezius muscle (which runs from the shoulder to the neck), pulse and pulse variability as well as finger temperature. All of these parameters have a connection with migraines and the goal is that users can prevent and mitigate attacks, through daily use for only 10-20 minutes.

Patient benefit in focus

"The benefit for the users is in focus and the expectations for the innovation are high. Cerebri is expected to be on the market within a few years."

Catrine Ro Heuch, CEO at the Medtech company Nordic Brain Tech, who develops the app and has overall product responsibility.


Together Tech is a proud partner of Nordic Brain Tech and is responsible for the sensor part of the development process.

- With a tight deadline, we have succeeded well in developing a product for clinical trials that measures the important parameters in a safe and good way, says Niklas Hagman, Electronic Designer and System Manager for Cerebri within Together Tech.

The project involves a tripartite constellation, as the Estonian company Thorgate is also involved. They are responsible for ensuring the handling of the data up in the cloud.

- We are a strong team of around 15 people who participate in the exciting development work, Niklas Hagman continues.

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Important clinical study

The product's ease of use is evaluated in a study carried out at St Olav's Hospital in Trondheim. Next up is a clinical study, where half of the patients will be allowed to use Cerebri during a 12-week treatment program. They shall document their migraine history in a diary.

- The goal of the study is to be able to show that the innovation reduces the intensity or frequency of migraine attacks or both, says Cathrine Ro Heuch, Nordic Brain Tech.

All the values that are measured must be visualised in the app, and the ambition is for the patients to practice control of the parameters, so that the seizures are reduced or absent. Sharing data with the doctor is another opportunity to be able to analyse symptoms and development over time. The aim is to be able to gain better control over the disease.


A long-term investment

Together Tech has delivered sensor kits to Nordic Brain Tech for the various studies.

- It is exciting to see how the product we have developed syncs up with the app, says Niklas Hagman

The next step in the project for Together Tech is to work further with the development of the serial product of the sensors that will be CE-marked and launched on the market.

- We also have a dialogue about how we can further deepen and develop the collaboration, concludes Niklas Hagman.


Nordic Brain Tech is a spin-off company from the Norwegian University of Technology and Science (NTNU) and St. Olav's Hospital. The company was founded in 2019. The development of Cerebri is partially EU-funded through Eurostar. Read more about  Nordic Brain Tech

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Niklas Hagman
Niklas Hagman
Senior Electronics Engineer

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