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New design of measuring instruments for dental implants

Knocking out or being forced to pull a tooth is not only painful, it also eats away at self-esteem. Lucky then that there are implants. Through a new design, Together Tech contributes to better well-being because the dentist can smoothly and safely insert the implant and monitor its healing and stability with the product Penguin II from Integration Diagnostics Sweden.


High stability in the healing process

The Gothenburg company Integration Diagnostics Sweden (IDSAB) develops instruments that measure stability and osseointegration during the insertion of dental implants. High stability is important and the healing process includes the titanium implant becoming part of the bone tissue in the jaw (osseointegration).

New design meets customer needs

After a user survey and feedback from dentists, IDSAB wanted a new, modern design and updated functionality on the instrument at the time and this is where Together Tech came into the picture. The assignment involved construction management and development of hardware, software and mechanical construction. And it was short on time.

- We put together a team with the right skills in the right place for the customer. Our contact network and experience were important to refine the product, says Anders Wennergren, Senior Engineer and Team Leader for the project within Together Tech.


Cooperation the key to success

The biggest challenge was a tight deadline as the EU Medical Device Directives were to change in May 2021 with the introduction of the MDR.

- We had a good team and a very close collaboration with the customer who had overall project responsibility, says Annika von Hofsten, Business Unit Manager, Together Tech.

The dentists wanted a flexible instrument with good visibility in the mouth, where it was easy to see the robustness of the implant as a measurement number in the display (the higher the ISQ value, the more stable the implant). This was developed together with a stable and stylish charging station, where you can charge from two sides, and a replaceable battery for increased durability.

The product was coordinated with the target group, was completed on time and within the framework of the project.

Osseointegration measurement

The patient in focus

- Now dentists worldwide have access to the innovation that makes the treatment more comfortable for the patient, says Anders Petersson, R&D Director for Integration Diagnostics Sweden.

The instrument measures the important parameters in a clear way. With the help of built-in software and magnetic pulses, you can see how well the implant fits and decide when it's time to move on. There is only one button to press during use and the dentist or odontologist easily ensures when the implant is as tight as it should be, so that it heals quickly.

- With an updated design and added features, Penguin II meets dentists' demands for an uncomplicated system to monitor the healing process, manage at-risk patients and reduce treatment time, says Anders Petersson.

The use of dental implants is increasing and today they are so lifelike that the average person does not see that it is an implant when everything is done. Instruction manuals for Penguin II are currently available in over 20 languages.

Future-proof product with sustainable values

The product is made so that it can continue to be developed and Integration Diagnostics Sweden has the opportunity to update itself.

-We also have a support agreement, where we have made small effective updates according to the customer's wishes. With the help of technology, we create better products, says Anders Wennergren.

Among other things, Bluetooth is a new function that was not present in the previous version. This provides great opportunities for future development, if necessary. The customer also wanted integrated seals for easier assembly, which was met. Other sustainability aspects include a replaceable battery and that the Penguin II can be disassembled.

- This was a unique project with close dialogue and all parties involved are very satisfied, concludes Annika von Hofsten.

Osseointegration measurement device and charger


Annika von Hofsten
Annika von Hofsten
Manager Software Development, Head of Equality & Diversity
Anna Axelsson
Anna Axelsson
Regional Manager Göteborg/Trollhättan

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