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Developed battery technology for Breas Medical

Today, patients with respiratory problems are treated for less time in hospital because there are effective ventilators for home use, of which Breas Medical is a leading manufacturer. Through modern battery technology, Together Tech contributes to a better quality of life as it is easy to take the machine and the extra battery to another location.


Ease of use in focus

Mobility is the key word and there are several interesting and clever technical solutions in this product.

- It is easy to use and increases the possibilities for well-being and mobility, says Mikael Duvander, Project and Quality Manager Together Tech and project manager for Xpac.

Tough regulatory requirements

One requirement was, for example, that it should be possible to take the battery pack with you when traveling by air. The Xpac is designed so that you can split it into two parts. The safety regulations for the flight could therefore be met even though the battery became a powerhouse with a capacity of 2 times 100 Wh.

When it comes to medical technology, there are many requirements for products for home use. For example, there are tough demands on the construction to avoid water penetration and that it must be able to be dropped on the floor. All parts were solved in the project and Together Tech developed a user-friendly product.

- We solved both the regulatory challenges and the energy management. The Xpac can deliver a lot of power for its size. And we solved the challenge of making the battery part connectable to all the customer's ventilators, says Mikael Duvander.

The external battery pack is designed to last over time, even if new breathing aids are introduced in the future. Really good efficiency and being able to handle a lot of energy with low heat development in line with the regulatory requirements is also something Xpac fulfills.

Mikael Duvander

All the way to the market

Together Tech was involved in developing the product, testing and putting it into production. The task was to drive the project forward and carry out the main part of the activities.

- We were responsible for the main construction on the electronics and mechanical side and for driving the development of software, says Mikael Duvander. Among other things, it involved developing a flexible circuit board and other advanced technology.

It was important to follow the customer's quality system, so that everything was done according to the processes and documented in a good way, for which Together Tech took the main responsibility. The requiremens were also about the product fitting in with the customer's existing range and of course meeting all requirements for medical technology products.

Challenges along the way

One of the most challenging requirements concerned the mechanics, where the goal was to create a waterproof product that could withstand the impact of a half-kilo steel ball dropped from a height of one meter, especially on the most sensitive areas of the device. After optimization and verification, the product was ready for certification to ensure it meets the strict requirements.

- We were a strong team with a close collaboration and took Xpac all the way to launch, says a proud Lars Bolander, senior mechanical designer at Together Tech.


Xpac by Breas was launched in spring 2022.

- Today, doctors around the world have access to the solution that gives the patient safe treatment in and outside the home. The fact that the battery can be easily taken with you increases freedom and improves the quality of life, says Sebastian Mommers, Managing Director Sweden, Breas Medical.

The use of ventilators is increasing globally and facilitates breathing in many diagnoses, such as asthma, lung disease or severe injuries. The machine detects when you start breathing and helps the patient get enough air with each breath. The new battery pack, which is easily connected to the ventilator, increases mobility for the user, which is experienced very positively.

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Mikael Duvander
Mikael Duvander
CQO & Technical Advisor

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