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Master thesis Pawdemic


Master thesis with a combination of UX-design and programming

Kevin and Elio got in touch with us through our website in 2020 when they were on the lookout for an exciting thesis project while studying Master's in Interaction Design and Technologies at Chalmers University of Technology. What caught their interest was the combination of programming and UX design, which was a perfect fit for them, as Kevin was interested in programming and Elio in UX-design. Once in contact with Together Tech, they quickly felt a sense of inclusivity and familiarity. 

The decisive factors in their choice to do their thesis project with Together Tech were the level of freedom in execution and the choice of technologies. They were able to further develop their skills and expertise in the technologies they are passionate about! 


Teach children about frightening topics using web-based game

Their thesis project revolves around exploring design guidelines for educating children about potentially frightening subjects through a digital interactive experience. The goal was to teach children preventive measures related to the covid-19 pandemic in a playful way, without making them feel scared, by developing a web-based game called "Pawdemic". 

They began by conducting thorough research on the topics, organizing workshops with children, and interviewing designers and teachers. 

In the game, players choose an animal character to use to get from home to school. On the way to school, players encounter various obstacles and must answer questions based on the World Health Organization's guidelines for preventing the spread of infection in society. Elio designed the playful animal characters in Figma which Kevin then implemented in the web game using JavaScript with the React.js library.  


Challenges of writing a thesis during the covid-19 pandemic

Elio and Kevin wrote their thesis in the middle of the covid-19 pandemic and thus encountered some challenges in the project, not least with getting in touch with children for the workshop. Fortunately, several of Together Tech's employees' children were both willing and able to participate in the study. 

They also highlight the challenge of capturing the genuine opinions of children, who sometimes tend to respond in a manner they believe adults want to hear. They emphasize the importance of ensuring that children do not understand what answers are expected and suggest using open-ended questions. 

Regular support from Together Tech was at their disposal, including scheduled weekly meetings and assistance whenever needed. They had a supervisor and additional support from a colleague at Together Tech with diverse backgrounds, which proved advantageous for Kevin and Elio in receiving guidance for both design and software development. 

In the consultant role, you can choose your professional development  

After Kevin and Elio completed their thesis, they both started working at Together Tech. Kevin appreciates being able to take on different assignments with various challenges. He has worked on different projects in software development, UX design, and even as a teacher for web development at a vocational school. Elio has a customer assignment for an international company in the automotive industry within UX-Design. 

Kevin was not entirely sure which area he wanted to immerse himself in after his studies, then it suited perfectly with the consultant role and now realized that it is programming he wants to invest in. Elio enjoys the freedom of the consulting role, allowing him to choose his own development path. Apart from his current project, he has also taken courses in areas that he wants to develop further.