Together Tech + Iknal Semikan = competence growth

The two companies have formalized their joint growth ambitions in a partnership that aims to facilitate and increase the recruitment of tech expertise to Sweden and Together Tech from abroad. At the same time, Together Tech takes a seat on the board at Iknal Semikan.

The transformation for sustainability is on every agenda and the Tech business plays an important role, providing both drive and competence to industries in all sectors. To meet the increased demands, it is necessary to attract more talents from abroad, and the partnership between Together Tech and Iknal Semikan is a natural step in both companies growth ambitions.

The focus for the collaboration is on international candidates with experience in well-known global companies. Together Tech has a lot of exciting projects that are interesting for many engineers coming from different countries.

– Our customers are in the forefront of technological development and operate on a global market. We support their product development with technical competence, documented experience, and diverse backgrounds, which enriches all tech projects, says Sara Lindmark, CEO of Together Tech.

Common passion for people and technology

Basis for the collaboration is a strong passion and ambition to work for a better world by caring for people, planet, and prosperity. The global goals are guiding stars for both companies.

– We understand the process of migrating to Sweden because we have done that ourselves. In this way, we can find and guide people from different countries and show them that it is not that difficult to have a better life in a wonderful country, says Javier Dávila, CEO and owner of Iknal Semikan.

Personal interaction will speed up the process

The shift towards sustainability drives the demand for competence more than what is available today and for years to come.

Using their own experience, Iknal Semikan are developing an AI-based web platform that interact with the candidates in a personal way and support the migrant candidate during their process.

– We would like to find ways to bring talented people faster and well-prepared to Together Tech and their new life in Sweden, says Javier Dávila.

The challenge is complex and must be worked on in many different levels.

– Together with Iknal Semikan we will focus on attracting talents from abroad to come to Sweden. Once in place with us, it is our job to be the best employer for all our employees, says Sara Lindmark.

For more information, contact Together Tech or Iknal Semikan:

Sara Lindmark, CEO Together Tech, mobile +46708360197, sara.lindmark@togethertech.com

Javier Dávila, owner and CEO of Iknal Semikan, +46723766247,



Postad: 15 september 2022