Sustainability in the innovation process

Workshop: Sustainability in the innovation process

For a sustainability product strategy to be successful, multiple functions need to be involved. Thus, this workshop is useful for a wide range of professionals and organizations, interested in innovation or sustainability.

With this workshop we adress customers going towards sustainability, e.g., by renewing your product portfolio. The workshop is also a perfect activity to get an overview of your products impact regarding sustainability.

Standard time to complete the workshop is 16 hours for attendees.

Standard group size is between 3 to 10 persons.

This workshop will provide you with

  • Some strategies and tools to include sustainability in your innovation or problem-solving process.
  • The possibility to evaluate different ideas at the early stage, with a sustainability point of view.
  • Methods to challenge the traditional way to create products, processes, or services, which usually only include sustainability as verification of legal or corporate requirements.
  • Being it that you bring your own challenge, or that you only want to learn the methodology, you will be able to replicate the steps in your own organization for other projects.

Expected outcomes of the workshop

  • Learning of an innovation process.
  • Basic learning of sustainability as a baseline
  • Insights and strategies to use sustainability as a tool for innovation.
  • Action Plan for your idea on how to introduce sustainability in your product.

For further information, please contact

Karina Bret – Technical consultant specialized in Sustainability

Thomas Steindahl- Business Area Manager Innovation

”Businesses need to put sustainability at the heart of their decision-making for the sake of humanity and their own bottom line.  A healthy planet is the backbone of nearly every industry on Earth.”

General Secretary of the UN, during the Stockholm +50 Conference

Postad: 20 juni 2022