Electrical design engineer

As a consultant at Together Tech, you will get the chance to be part of a tech company with a clear vision at heart. Our journey started back in the eighties, and will continue with an even stronger focus on improving the world through Better Tech! 


System design that can consist of control systems, voltage distribution, motor control, relay protection, etc…

Design of control cabinets and motor control centers (MCC), UPS solutions, control system (PLC) and frequency inverters

Design of electrical systems in relation to mechanical design

To create a basis for technical solutions and produce a basis for costs

Required experience

At least upper secondary education in electrical engineering or equivalent education.

Good knowledge of Swedish and English in speech and writing

Able to handle various El-CAD tools such as E-Plan, ElproCAD or COMOS.

Meritorious experience

Engineering education, Bachelor of Science or Master of Science

Experience in product development

Knowledge of SAP or PLM

Understanding of ATEX

Knowledge of current standards (IEC, IEEE, NEMA…)


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    Igor Halkic igor.halkic@togethertech.com