Master thesis: Benchmark of embedded RTOS for medical devices

Master thesis: Benchmark of embedded RTOS for medical devices.

Together Tech is a recognized and certified partner for developing medical devices. Most of the time it includes an embedded software solution. Products can range from simple solutions with only one external communication interface to products having several interfaces to handle, such as graphical displays, Bluetooth, WiFi, buttons, SPI and features for saving data etc. whilst keeping up the treatment with hard real time requirements. Traditionally we have developed most product as “bare metal” solutions - software solutions without the use of any operating system. However, we believe that some solutions could gain from using an RTOS.

This thesis aims to evaluate some available RTOS for use in a medical device and compare with current bare metal solution when it comes to e.g., development time, performance and resource utilization, and work regulated by medtech standards such as risk assessment and third-party software documentation. The most common reason for not including an RTOS in the product is due to the regulatory overhead.

The thesis will contain:

  • Benchmark RTOS
  • Implement and measure performance on a medical device embedded hardware
  • Evaluate/assess additional medtech regulatory effort

    Applicants: Two master students within Electronics, Embedded Systems, Biomedical, Computer Science or similar

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