Master thesis: Text mining - Market analysis and sales process automation

Master thesis: Text mining - Market analysis and sales process automation.

Together Tech provides consultant services to recognized companies. It is common that customers use B2B IT systems to handle consultant requests. For a consultant service provider to handle these requests, a lot of manual reading and analysis is done. The same analysis and reading is also typically done by many different people (e.g. salespersons), who are only interested in a small subset of the requests, which makes the process very in-efficient. A better way would be to classify the requests using Machine Learning in e.g. competence areas, roles and location, to be able to better direct the reading to people of interest. Another benefit of the classification would be to gain insights about market trends and also make it possible to automatically suggest consultant candidates. 

This thesis aims to develop a proof of concept for analysis and classification of B2B assignment descriptions.

The thesis will contain:

  • Develop classification strategy
  • Evaluate text analysis methods for classification
  • Develop proof of concept
  • Possible extensions:
    • Integrate with B2b REST API
    • Integrate with CRM system
    • Integrate with consultant profile system

Applicants: Two master students within Data Science (or similar), or Data Science in combination with Computer Science.

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