Master thesis: Development of a digital tool to measure sustainability impact

Master thesis: Development of a digital tool to measure sustainability impact.

The sustainability impact of what we do is always very important. For a consulting company, the impact is dependent on the assignment that we carry out and could therefor be a bit tricky to measure. At Together Tech, we measure this via a method we call Better World index, which today is done in a quite simple Excel sheet and is influenced by personal bias, but we feel like it has so much more potential!

This thesis therefore aims at re-do this as a web application, using the existing Excel sheet as a basis but with creative freedom do make improvements for it to be more user friendly and scalable. The goal is also to research and come up with a solution for making it less impacted by personal bias as well as format it in a way so that it can be used by both internal and external persons.

The thesis will contain:

  • Benchmark, research and analyze different solutions for reducing personal bias
  • Specify the requirements together with the internal stakeholders
  • Design, develop and deploy a scalable and responsive web application

    Applicants: Two master students within Computer Science, IT, Interaction design or similar, preferably with a focus on both frontend development and UX design.

    Together Tech  for sustainability

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    If you have questions regarding the thesis, please contact 

    Annika von Hofsten, 0763-401512