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Sustainability Solutions

Helping you move forward

Sustainability is something we care about

Just as we believe it is a crucial issue for you and your business! Today's world requires products to be environmentally, socially and economically sustainable, regardless of what the product's purpose is for its users. Together with our customers, we combine technical expertise with personal commitment to develop future products for a better world.

Questions about sustainable product development

  • What does a product need to be sustainable?
  • How should physical products and digital solutions contribute to a better world? Is it possible to reduce the current negative impact?
  • What does the law require? And how do we technically meet the legal requirements?
  • Does sustainability always involve additional costs – or are there financial benefits to be made?
  • What do our customers and other stakeholders demand and expect?
  • What changes do we need to make in our product portfolio to be competitive and attractive to both customers and employees?

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Together we want to make a difference - every hour, every day!

We have thousands of hours of technical development and we have evaluated when our work contributes to any of the UN´s Global Goals for Sustainable Development. This we do through our BWi.

Our most important contribution is in customer product development, where our expertise is the perfect combination with systematic and life cycle thinking to foster sustainability. Our employees are aware of the implications of sustainability what the Global Goals mean, making a symbiotic relationsship with their various technology areas, such as power electronics, energy efficiency, textile materials, chemistry, electromobility, renewable energy sources, polymeric materials and digitalisation.


Expertise and collaborations within Innovation and Sustainability

Our specialised consultants in innovation and sustainability contribute as advisors or technical experts in shorter or longer assignments when sustainability comes in play. We have the competence and work in customer assignments with technology-leading companies, and in various types of collaborative projects with prominent colleges, universities and specialised partners.

What we are setting as our common ground, is that we see sustainability as a prerequisite for the innovative solutions that are needed to make a real difference. Our mindset in product development is to develop in the direction of what we want more of, which is sustainable solutions, and not from what we don't want, which is unnecessary consumption and emissions.

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Gustaf Kabroo
Gustaf Kabroo
Manager Innovation & Sustainability
Karina Bret
Karina Bret
Manager Sustainability
Thomas Steindahl
Thomas Steindahl
Chief Innovation Officer

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