Quality of product and process

The quality area has developed from being about the checking of finished products at the manufacturing stage to a holistic approach that is present throughout the whole development chain and in all the processes of an organization. There are many definitions of and aspects to quality, but everything originates from the customer’s expectations and experience.

Continual improvement

Together Tech work with quality assurance and development of working processes, products, and production. Our quality engineers can be found in different roles – proactive during the product development phase, and reactive during production and aftermarket. Many of them drive extensive projects to provide quality assurance for products where the work can involve following up quality deliverables in a project, performing risk analyses, and ensuring that quality processes are followed. In projects that involve the improvement of existing products and processes, the objective can be, for example, to solve quality problems in the field or in production.

Our projects often involve both the creation of new, and development of existing, quality processes and tools. We also offer workshops for concept generation and improvements, always with Value Management (VM) as the basis. Furthermore, we also participate in our customers’ work within Value Engineering (VE) and Value Analysis (VA).


No job is too big – or too small

Together Tech also offer smaller selective measures, such as assessment of processes at our customers and at their suppliers – but also reviews of routines concerning, for example, risk management and validation. There are strong similarities between different branches when it comes to quality engineering and, therefore, many possible synergy effects. It can, therefore, make a huge difference to get the help of someone that has worked with, for example, supplier quality in the car industry and apply this to a totally different industry where the working practices may not be as well developed.

Tool specialists – on site in the organization

By using a variety of quality tools, our method and tool specialists act as support out at our customers. They give advice and recommendations or lead the work within, for example, FMEA, risk analysis, DFA/DFM, or DMAIC. Many of our specialists are Black Belt-certified and use other Six Sigma tools to drive their own projects or support teams with a focus on structured problem solving and data analysis.

Quality assurance at all stages

Ensuring the correct quality of bought-in goods and services requires collaboration with suppliers. Processes often require integration and the building of long-term relationships helps each other to develop. Together Tech engineers within Supplier Quality Assurance (SQA) work with supplier development with a focus on Production Part Approval Process (PPAP). A Supplier Quality Engineer (SQE) typically has a more active role within the customer’s own organization.

Anders Lüborg
Business Unit Manager Quality & Project Management