Project Management

Efficient project management

Many companies today drive large parts of their organizations with a project-based framework, and this applies equally to product development, change management, and strategic management. A project is often defined as an assignment carried out by a temporary project group, with the aim of delivering a specific result within a certain timeframe.


Distinctive characteristics in our project managers

When we follow up our deliveries we often get positive feedback. Comments about our project managers include the following:

  • They are good organisers, and are skilled in structuring and planning
  • They can take command and cooperate, and can manage their team
  • They communicate clearly and efficiently
  • They are able to decide which information is to go out when, and to whom
  • They collaborate and prioritise, and know when to negotiate
  • They have an overview of the whole, and have tight control of risk management
  • They are solution-oriented
  • They are interested in and have a good understanding of technology


Managers with various focuses

The projects are usually in the field of product or production development, and they vary in terms of scope and complexity.

Together Tech has a number of managers in the service area Project Management. Depending on the customer’s requirements, the person in question can have a general profile, or it can be someone with a technical specialisation, e.g. software, verification or production technology. The project manager can also be someone with special experience of a specific area of industry.

Examples of project methods we are used to using are GPDR, VGMS, PROPS, PPS and SCRUM. 

Skills in constant process of development

We develop the skills of all our project managers using individual development plans, structured mentorship and a project manager forum. Several of our project managers are certified in the field of PMI, PMP and VM.

Our project managers mainly have roles such as:

  • Task leaders
  • Sub-project managers
  • Project managers
  • Chief project managers
  • Scrum Masters

Project based inhouse operations

We are doing more and more development work on behalf of customers. Such work can be a turnkey project for development of a specific product, or ongoing quality and cost reduction as part of a programme.

This is a growing area for us, and it means opportunities for cross industry development of skills and processes. Many customers also find that the projects are more effective when they are run in a defined environment with dedicated consultants.

Anders Lüborg
Business Unit Manager Quality & Project Management