Production Engineering

Production Technology and Engineering

One of the consequences of the on-going globalization is the increase in competition that is affecting most industries – and manufacturing is no exception. In order to keep up and maintain competitiveness, companies must continuously develop both their products and manufacturing processes.

Production engineering is affected by many different factors: new trends, updated requirements, and the ever shorter intervals between product releases, which in turn mean reduced product lifespans. In parallel, there is also a growth in the total product range as market sectors expand with more models and variants. All this means higher and ever-growing demands on manufacturing flexibility and knowledge levels of operators. Therefore our projects in this area encompass production development as well as manufacturing and maintenance.

Production Development

Based on a thorough analysis of both the production and information flows using, for example, Value Stream Mapping (VSM), we create a precise picture of the current status of the manufacturing facility and production management. We look at lead times, cycle times, changeover times, stocks, and Work In Progress (WIP). Do we have the correct manufacturing set-up, the correct product families in the correct flow, and support in the production system?

Following the survey, we devise various strategies to shorten lead times, increase capacity, and optimise processes – all with the aid of different production engineering tools and methodologies. Furthermore, we can propose an improvement structure to the internal information flow, something that is often neglected and therefore has indirect, negative effects on efficiency.

Continually growing requirements

The work in production technology is influenced by a variety of factors – new trends, updated requirements and the increasingly faster intervals with which new models are launched – which in turn involves shortened product life. In parallel, the total product flora increases as the same area often expands with more models and variants. All in all, this means high and ever increasing demands on manufacturing flexibility and the operators’ knowledge level. Our assignments in the field therefore span both production equipment and production technology.

Production and maintenance

Together Tech offers the following tools to increase the competiveness of our customers:

  • Lean production
  • Current situation analysis and pre-studies
  • Value Stream Mapping (VSM)
  • Daily control boards
  • Production layout
  • Logistics development

Efficiency savings in all areas

In summary, here at Together Tech we have great commitment to and extensive experience in production engineering and development, from which our customers benefit every day. By objectively assessing the different areas of a company, it is always possible to discover new aspects that can be made more efficient – and this is the aim of all of our tools. The result? Shorter lead times, stronger business performance, and more focused use of resources.

Lotta Dahl Haugskott
Business Unit Manager Manufacturing Engineering