IoT, Internet of Things

From Advisor to Solution provider

We offer private companies and public sector IoT services in many different ways, from being an advisor in procurement of IoT platform, development of hardware or software to being a complete platform provider through our own IoT solution. Main application areas for our IoT services are within monitoring and control of indoor climate in buildings, monitoring of production equipment and tracking of equipment.

Consultancy services within IoT

Within IoT we have consulting assignments that covers:

  • Design of IoT architecture, customised to product application

  • Development of hardware and software for connected products – sensors, actuators, gateways

  • Connection to cloud solutions such as Amazon, Azure using IoT standard protocols such as MQTT, COAP, AMQP

  • Sensor systems ready for Zig Bee

  • Identify requirements for your IoT solution

  • Advisor regarding a strategy for or sourcing of an IoT solution

Our own IoT platform

Our IoT platform can be implemented  in many different environments and applications. The platform enables a way to easily get started with IoT, for those who are in the beginning of their IoT journey. We target property owners or other actors who need to monitor and control various systems in buildings, companies with production facilities who want to control and monitor production equipment or where there is a need to track equipment during transport. Another area is equipment monitoring in inaccessible or dangerous environments. The platform is suitable for both B2B and B2C applications.

Scalable IoT platform

Through our platform, customers are offered a secure, flexible and scalable IoT solution, in which we can connect wireless sensors for measurement, analysis and control. The sensors can measure various different parameters like pressure, temperature or humidity. The sensors can be connected to and communicate with each other through a mesh network. The IoT system is “trained” to react to a certain condition and activate an alarm or a notification if action is needed.


Flexibility and customisation

Our IoT platform comes with a standard GUI but also allows customized user interfaces. As a user, you always have access to your data, both real-time data and historical data, no matter where you are. The data is visualized in Dashboards that are built according to your needs and wishes.

The platform supports both customer and device management. Users can log in to the system via a web portal or mobile interface to view status and also take action if necessary. It can be customised and developed for most product applications and user scenarios. We develop the platform and add new functionality continuously.

Connected Buildings

Property management and building monitoring were early IoT adopters. IoT solutions provide great opportunities to be more energy efficient and reduce energy costs. In properties, sensors can be used to measure temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, electricity and water consumption. 

With our platform, the indoor climate in buildings can be both measured and managed by the system. This is done through collecting and structuring a large amount of data in real time, which is learned to act on. It can be used both in residential buildings, commercial buildings but also cultural-historical buildings.

Industrial IoT

Through sensors that measure temperature, pressure and vibrations, production facility managers can not only gain increased control over their production. A connected production also provide the opportunity to make better use of the plant’s capacity, avoid operational disruptions and optimize the process. Through IoT, the availability, performance and quality of production equipment can be measured and visualized in real time. Predictive analysis and predictive maintenance make it possible to avoid bottlenecks, unwanted stops and unnecessary wear and tear.

System Components

Our platform include the following components:  

  • Sensors
  • Routers
  • Controllers
  • Gateways
  • Energy harvesting solutions

Together Tech is Pelion Partner

Together Tech has been selected as partner for Pelion® IoT platform, thus can offer it’s customers IoT product development based on secure connectivity and device management.

Peter Warlich
Business Unit Manager Electronics and Software Development