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Sensor Systems

From sensors to mobile applications for data visualization

Without good sensor systems, it is not possible to put IoT into systems

When Together Tech started investing in IoT, the Internet of Things, a few years ago, we were convinced that we would be part of an exciting development. That is exactly how it has turned out. Today, IoT together with AI, Artificial Intelligence, stands for an increasingly rapid digitization of the world economy. From the EU's report "Shaping Europe's Digital Future" it appears that in 2025 we can expect 41 billion connected IoT devices.

Development is going furiously fast when industrial machines and processes, goods, household appliances, real estate and even medical technology are equipped with small built-in sensors. Together Tech is on this journey and our IoT venture has already put us in a strong position.

From sensors to mobile applications for data visualization 

When we started our venture, it was based on a strong belief that we would be a one-stop provider of IoT solutions. Our competence and the IoT systems we offer extend from the small sensor to solutions for visualizing collected measurement data in, for example, mobile applications. Our IoT program also includes routers, gateways, communication protocols (Zigbee and BLE) and architecture for wireless Mesh networks.

All these components together we call Sensor Systems. We are today a comprehensive supplier with all the pieces of the puzzle required to put IoT into systems, but our IoT capacity also has another dimension. We have both broad and deep IoT competence, which enables us to offer customer-specific overall solutions within IoT where sensor and sensor application development is an important part.

circuit board

If an application-unique sensor is required, we develop it. Just as we did in Medtech.

Development of customer-unique sensors

A stable IoT system must stand on a secure technical foundation. One of the most important cornerstones is the sensor technology. The development in IoT will require intensive development of innovative sensor technologies. Some for large-scale use in widely distributed applications. Others are customer and application specific. Together Tech can quickly assemble IoT teams working across borders to develop customer-unique sensors. Many times it takes place as a sub-project within the framework of larger development projects that should result in a finished product. But, it can also be of a specific sensor our customer requests to get a stable IoT solution.

Our strength is the ability to put together teams with competence in all the areas required in sensor development. The range of our employees' skills makes us a very strong IoT and sensor partner. We have all the resources required to develop unique and innovative solutions when existing sensor solutions do not cover a certain need.

Development of sensors within Medtech

One area where Together Tech has extensive experience in demanding development projects is within Medtech. In medical technology products, sensor technology often has a very important function. The requirements placed on the sensors in terms of, for example, performance and accuracy form part of the preliminary studies we carry out before a development project starts. We then take total responsibility for the sensor development, where employees with expertise in electronics, mechanics and software run the project, which may also include the purchase of various components.

If you have an idea for an IoT solution, we help make it a reality

There can be many different reasons for investing in IoT. An industrial company can see opportunities to increase productivity and make cost savings through optimized resource use. Property owners may want to improve the indoor environment and also use IoT to get better control of moisture during, for example, construction processes.

In the transport sector, IoT can provide more efficient monitoring of the whereabouts of goods through logistics optimization. The list of possible application areas where IoT can create significant value can be made long. Before an IoT project starts, it is important to identify potential, business opportunities and technical requirements. Together Tech has the skills and resources to provide strong support right from the start.


Everything that fits within our area of ​​Sensor Systems can be compared to IoT Lego bricks. We can show many different options for how they can be combined to realize IoT solutions. A feasibility study and perhaps workshops can lay a good foundation for an IoT venture. We can then produce proposals for solution design and, in the next step, also development, realization and commissioning.

In short; we are good at turning exciting IoT ideas into concrete IoT solutions that add value for our customers!


Sensor Systems is a large, exciting and expansive field that forms part of our proprietary platform for IoT applications: Together Tech Connect IoT. Here we have touched on a part of what is included. Learn about more of our application areas and feel free to contact us if you have IoT ideas to realize. It can apply to everything from complete IoT systems to the development of application-unique sensors!

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