IT & Digital Solutions

IT & Digital solutions – the technology of the present and the future?

The digital revolution has changed our lives all around the world. With digital products, the world is now both bigger and smaller than it used to be. In order to keep up, we must constantly develop ourselves and our organizations. Some are standing in the front lines of digital development while many are merely in the starting pits of digitization.

At Together Tech, we work with many technologies and areas within IT and digitalization and have experience of both innovation, development and management of IT and digital solutions. With our passionate and talented engineers, we want to use our knowledge do what we can to make the world a better place.


Competence, passion and innovation

We collaborate with both private and public actors who work with digitalization in different ways, where we support small and large projects with expertise in both well-known and new technology. We have extensive experience in software development in many different areas, for example cloud solutions, connected cars, medical technology applications and UX/UI solutions for products with high user experience requirements. Today we can also offer a broad range of consultancy services within IoT.

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User-friendly mobile applications

In today’s mobile society, apps have become increasingly important in our lives. We communicate, order food, compare airlines, play games and do many other different things. Because if this it is important that they are developed with the user in focus so that they look good from an aesthetic point of view, but most importantly are functional and easy to use. We have developed many different mobile applications for different areas, from pre-study to finished product (including databases and servers), through development in, among others, JavaScript, React Native, Redux, Java, objective-c, Swift, Xamarin, npm,, Express. sj, MongoDB and Adobe XD.

Scalable backend solutions with microservices

A microservices architecture has several advantages (and some disadvantages) compared to a monolithic solution. One advantage is scalability to handle varying loads on the system as well as a clear architecture, improved testability, increased reliability and faster deployment of individual services. An example of when we used a microservices architecture is when we developed a cloud service for cancer diagnostics. Technologies and frameworks we use include Kubernetes, Docker, RabbitMQ, .NET Core REST, Elasticsearch, Kibana, PostgreSQL, Swagger, SpecFlow.

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Business Unit Manager Software Development
Peter Warlich
Business Unit Manager Electronics and Software Development
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Business Unit Manager IT & Digital Solutions