Engineering Industry

Leading engineering – efficiency and digitisation

Swedish trade export is heavily dominated by the manufacturing industry, which accounts for more than 40 % of total foreign trade, equivalent to about 507 billion SEK. About a third of that sum comes from sales to the Nordic countries, while the US and Germany are the largest individual markets.

Custom-made from start to finish

We are facing the fourth industrial revolution – Industry 4.0. Everything in the production chain should be smart and connected. The goal is self-organizing factories where each product carries information about how and to whom it is to be manufactured. Since all manufacturing equipment is also connected, the product can communicate with the machines and tell you what steps it needs to go through.

At Together Tech we work with global industrial companies of all sizes to shape tomorrow’s products and production equipment on a daily basis: tailored solutions with built-in software, electronics, engine management , mechanical enclosures, and various test equipment for verification and troubleshooting.

Extreme Width

The result of our work in the engineering industry is extensive and ranges from processes for large-scale production down to individual consumer products. We have, for instance, created hand-held battery-powered measurement systems, such as prop shaft alignment systems and solutions to measure size deviations in diameter along a cylinder. We do this using advanced embedded electronics and software enclosed within the mechanics. We have also developed numerous tools for professional use, such as precision screwdrivers, cutting machines, drills and tile saws, large demolition robots, as well as equipment for both construction and sample drilling.

For our industrial customers we also produce different types of CE-marked production and automation equipment – focused on feeding, orientation, positioning, and assembly. The result of this kind of assignment is often a turnkey solution, including functional requirements and systems that involve developing all-new equipment. However, the focus can also be on a specific part of some equipment or the further development of an existing production line.

Together Tech – In the bathroom, living room and kitchen

It is also well worth mentioning that Together Tech does not solely work within large scale industry. Our work has also resulted in a number of consumer products with high demands on design such as shower mixers, vacuum cleaners and dishwashers. In these projects, we have developed products using castings, injection moulded plastic parts, and stainless steel.

Mikael Duvander
Business Unit Manager Electronics and Medical Device
Marko Koivumäki
Business Unit Manager Mechanical Engineering