Aerospace Industry

”One small step for man…”

Aerospace is a high-tech industry, involving the manufacture of aircraft, aircraft engines, space vehicles, various drive units, defence equipment for the armed forces, and related components. In Sweden there are several companies that supply the global market with world-leading products, solutions, and services within the aerospace industry. In many cases these companies are at the absolute forefront of their field of expertise with cutting edge technology, often deeply involved in exciting projects that will take humanity both higher and further – in a much more effective way than today.

Broad competence, deep expertise

Continuously improving, developing, and adapting new technologies to meet these customers’ needs is a job that we at Together Tech carry out with great success. The highest quality awareness, combined with broad technical expertise in areas such as mechanical design, advanced electronic design, and embedded systems, have made us a preferred supplier and valued partner for many of our customers in the industry.

Thanks to our extensive experience within the aviation industry, Together Tech is now a trusted supplier to defence and security company SAAB – with several of our engineers constantly aiding their operations. For several years Together Tech has delivered carefully tailored business-critical expertise and solutions in order to meet the unique civil and military requirements that apply to SAAB’s equipment.

The optimal partner

Together Tech has extensive experience in areas such as marine systems, GPS, radar, helicopter systems, display systems, simulators, hull construction, test equipment, FEM calculations, and aircraft production. Add to this our geographic proximity to many of the players in the industry, our combined expertise, and our commitment – and you have an optimal partner for any company in the aerospace industry.

Hanna Widforss
Regional Manager Linköping/Norrköping/Jönköping