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Rodrigo Velasco – Racing towards a better world!

Rodrigo Velasco is a passionate Mechanical Engineer with a lifelong love for cars and racing. We met up with him at the Gothenburg Tram Museum, where he often spends his free time restoring old buses.

His professional journey has taken him from Mexico City through England to Gothenburg, where he currently resides and works as an engineer within test and verification of the energy usage on a complete vehicle level with us at Together Tech; a clear sign of his adventurous spirit and passion.

Rodrigo's fascination with racing and vehicles began at the age of 6. "One of my earliest memories," he recounts, "is when my dad took me to a local racetrack in Mexico City. Since then, my interest in cars has never waned." This early exposure to cars and racing ignited a lifelong passion for automotive engineering.

An easy career choice

Rodrigo's rationale behind his career choice is quite simple: "Some wanted to become engineers for the sake of prestige, but I, I just wanted to work with cars." His determination led him to England where he pursued a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering, followed by a master's in motorsport.

With experience working at Ford and in the automotive industry in Mexico, Rodrigo's expertise naturally lies within Automotive. His dream of working in Formula 1 was somewhat realized during his master's program in the UK, where he had the opportunity to collaborate with a Formula 4 team.

A part of the TT-team

But it's not just about fast cars and racing for Rodrigo. He also derives energy from projects that contribute to society. He is passionate about improving electric vehicles, for example, and welcomes assignments that have a positive impact on the world at large.

At Together Tech, Rodrigo has found a supportive work environment where he feels appreciated and connected. He emphasizes the sense of belonging and camaraderie he shares with his colleagues, and he also appreciates the staff activities and after-work gatherings we organize. 


From high tech to vintage tech

In his spare time, Rodrigo enjoys restoring vintage vehicles at the Gothenburg Tram Museum, something he describes as a "playground" for him. Whether he's tinkering with engines or discussing the latest automotive technology, Rodrigo's enthusiasm for his craft shines through, making him not only a skilled engineer but also a highly valued and appreciated employee at Together Tech!

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