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Wellspect HealthCare is Better World Developer 2021

Navina™ Smart improves the quality of life for all people who quietly suffer from chronic constipation and/or bowel leakage, regardless of the underlying cause.

Wellspect is the recipient of the Together Tech Better World Developer Award 2021. The company, which is value-driven like Together Tech, has its headquarters in Mölndal, and is a global business with around 1,100 employees and operations in more than 30 countries. The driving force is the passion to make a real difference and improve every day for everyone who needs their products and services.

The Better World Developer Award has been instituted by Together Tech to draw attention to companies or organizations that, through innovative product development, contribute to a better world. It was awarded for the fourth year at a ceremony at Wellspect on October 14th.

– We gratefully accept this award as a sign that our long-term commitment to improve the quality of life for those who struggle with intestinal problems is being noticed. Navina Smart is a completely new and innovative solution where the user is in focus. With the help of the Navina™ Smart app, the patient can share their treatment data with the doctor and thereby adjust the therapy to their specific needs, says Jan Hörling, Vice President Global Marketing at Wellspect.

Motivation of the jury

Wellspect has with its product Navina Smart improved the quality of life mainly for people with neurological bowel problems as a consequence of for example spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis (MS), spina bifida or Parkinson’s disease. The product may also aid people suffering from functional bowel problems such as chronic constipation. With the help of Navina Smart, users can take control of their toilet needs themselves, which means that they avoid stomach pains, ”accidents” and medications. The treatment makes everyday life easier to plan, which increases their perceived quality of life.

Through the Navina Smart App, the patient can get a better and more personal adaptation and get an idea of ​​how the treatment is going. The app becomes like a ”diary” to share with your doctor. Via Navina Smart Data, doctors can follow up a larger group of patients to discover patterns in treatment.

– Our vision is to develop the products of the future for a better world. Wellspect, as a value-driven company and with a strong passion to make a difference every day, is a worthy recipient of the award, says Sara Lindmark, CEO of Together Tech.

With a passion for people and technology

Together Tech has for more than five years worked with the Navina Smart System, and implemented a number of improvements in electronics, hardware and software for the Navina Smart unit. Together Tech has also contributed to the development of the Smart App, for Android and iOS, which includes usability design & software development.

– We have collaborated with Wellspect for a long time, and I am impressed by their passion, technical edge, and determination for their product development. Navina Smart makes a difference for people every day, says Anna Axelsson, customer manager in medical technology product development at Together Tech.

Navina Smart and Navina Smart App are used today by many people around the world.