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Equality and Diversity

What does it have to do with technology? A lot if you ask us at Together Tech! The more diverse a team is when working with innovation and development of new products and solutions, the more likely it is that the end product/solution will include a wider group of end users. Research also shows that when different perspectives meet, problem-solving, innovation and creativity are stimulated. That’s a real added value! 

As a company, we strive to be an attractive employer by working preventively and strategically with diversity, gender equality and inclusion. 

 Annika von Hofsten, who works as Business Unit Manager Software Development at Together Tech, also took on the new position as Head of Diversity & Equality in 2020. This was a dream role for Annika in many ways:  

"- I have been passionate about these issues throughout my adult life, so it attracted me a lot to have the opportunity to drive this important strategic work forward. Together in the team we initially prioritized, among other things, creating a common knowledge base in the area of gender equality and equal opportunities through training and creative workshops, as well as the introduction of a new policy linked to gender balance in internal teams and units."  


An unevenly distributed industry

As a tech and engineering company, we operate in an unevenly distributed industry. The proportion of women among recent graduated engineers is still low, around 35%. In electronics and software for example, which are two of Together Tech's main areas, the proportion is even lower. 

How does it appear within Together Tech? At the end of 2023, the total proportion of women in the company was 33% and the proportion of women in leadership positions during the corresponding period was 52%. 

Kvinnliga förebilder

Initiative for increased gender equality

We strive to be a strong voice in this context and work actively at different levels, both within the company and externally, to influence and contribute to a more equal and diversified industry. For example, for several years, we have been involved in the initiative Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day, IGE-Day, which aims to give girls and non-binary people the opportunity to try out life as an engineer for a day together with us. We also regularly participate in career fairs and events with a focus on increasing the proportion of women in the industry.  

“- It's easy to get caught up in numbers and goals; The important thing in this context is to keep going! We have come a long way and are doing our best to live up to our core values and create an organisation as inclusive as possible. We are working for a better world and our work is a very good example of that!" Annika von Hofsten.  

International recruitment

Sweden as a country is in general at the forefront of gender equality and equality work. In recent years we have seen an increased interest from women from other countries to come to Sweden and continue their careers here, possibly because of our good reputation and social structure. This is something we view very positively and strive to promote. Over the years, we have hired many employees with international backgrounds and today we have more than 35 nationalities and recruitment takes place all over the world. Read more about how we at Together tech support our international employees and why moving to and start working in Sweden is appealing. 


Do you want to know more about how we work with equality and diversity? Contact us!

Annika von Hofsten
Annika von Hofsten
Manager Software Development, Head of Equality & Diversity
Kristina Tollbo
Kristina Tollbo
HR & People