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Do you also belong to those who remove the label on the bananas when sorting garbage?

If so, you´re the right person for Together Tech! We are looking for engineers who, in addition to their deep interest in technology, are passionate about sustainable development.


At Together Tech, you get to use your skills and commitment to innovate and develop products and digital solutions that make our world better and more sustainable. Or as we like to call it – Better World Tech!


You will have the privilege of working with customers who are technology leaders in their respective industries and become part of our positive force, with the ambition to contribute as much as possible.


You can read more about this here on our website. Or – you just dive straight into our exciting job ads and look around; we just might have that position that promotes your career growth.



We work with ideas

Our culture is built on the fact that we are determined and are continuously developing our competence and creativity. At Together Tech, you will meet many new colleagues who are innovative, trustworthy, and curious about everything connected to technology. We like collaborating in projects and taking responsibility. We learn from each other and develop ourselves through working together. We arrange seminars, courses, and workshops on a variety of current topics – and we also tailor professional development based on individual needs and objectives.

At Together Tech, we are known for taking care of our consultants. We do this in a variety of ways, since each co-worker has different needs and wishes. As a foundation of Together Tech, the care we show for each other is an important asset in creating space for individuals to grow while at the same time everyone takes collective responsibility for the company. Among the things that our co-workers appreciate about Together Tech is the atmosphere, our readiness to help each other, and the short decision paths.

Assignments at our customers’ sites

We have the privilege to work with many customers that are leaders within their industries, driving forwards development and innovation. Even if you are on an assignment at a customer’s site, we are always close. Through our intranet, you can stay updated on a daily basis about what is going on in the company, share knowledge and experiences with colleagues, and share your thoughts and opinions. At customers where several Together Tech consultants are working together as colleagues, there is an appointed Together Tech contact on site and available to be contacts whenever needed.

In-house product development and projects

We also carry out product development projects, ordered by our customers, in our own offices. The scope of each project includes a wide range of challenges from the whole product development process, such as pre-studies, concept development, and industrialisation. We work according to an established and quality-assured process that facilitates collaboration for our co-workers between different areas and projects. Running many projects from different branches and areas of technology under the one roof creates a unique possibility to collaborate and learn. The environment is creative and inspiring, and your career can develop in a professional and varying atmosphere.


Actively seeking to create and retain a strong group spirit is one of our most important goals. We do this through major events planned in the long term, minor employee-initiated activities and, not least, everyday work in the teams – through dialogue and collaboration between employees and management.


Kristina Tollbo
HR & Recruitment Press Contact
Sara Elliot
Victoria Östlund