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Sustainability becomes a business unit within Together Tech


Karina Bret takes the role as Business Unit Manager

The tech consulting company Together Tech is a forerunner in sustainable product development, with a vision of developing future products for a better world and with its own measurement method, the Better World index, measuring each assignments’ contribution to the global goals. Now the company takes the next step and establish Sustainability as a new business unit with Karina Bret as Business Unit Manager.

“As engineers, we use our tech competence and passion for people and the planet to innovate and develop products for a better world, every day. It’s in our DNA, and now has also become a natural part of our daily business. I am very happy that Karina has accepted to take leadership in our Sustainability journey” says Sara Lindmark, CEO at Together Tech.

Karina Bret has a background as a mechatronics engineer, with a master’s degree in sustainable development. She has 12 years of experience as a product development engineer and Eco designer, plus 6 years as a sustainability manager in the Mobility and then Food sectors. She has also acted as a sustainability advisor for small and middle-sized companies, making life cycle assessments of different products, standardization of processes, and design of the full sustainability strategy for companies.

“To make a true positive impact on sustainability it takes product owners who are willing to go beyond legal compliance in terms of the sustainability of their products and dare to make things differently. This cannot be done in isolation; it needs global and broad collaboration. We can be the bridge from our customers’ high-level sustainability strategies and goals to down-to-earth engineering together with the product developers and show our customers what steps need to be taken, when and how” Karina declares.

Interdisciplinary collaboration is key to sustainability

Karina was hired at Together Tech in 2022, at a time when the company adopted a new strategy focusing on the Global Goals 3; Good health and well-being, 9; Industry, innovation, and infrastructure, and 12; Responsible consumption and production. To live up to the requirements, internal development was needed, which became Karina's first assignment.

“It was important to develop the design of tools and processes to root sustainability in our own product development process. This is core to our business, and we have collaborated widely in the organisation to improve our own sustainability as a supplier to our customers as well as an employer” Karina continues.

This first phase has also included the development of mandatory training for all our employees related to sustainable product design, like life cycle assessment and circular design. 

The new Business Unit will take the lead in developing and selling advisory and engineering services to both existing and new customers in all our markets. It will also act as a sustainability competence cluster in Together Tech, providing training and support to the whole company.

"I want a better world for everybody, I want to be part of a massive movement that pushes the positive changes we all want to see in this world: a healthy environment, and a fair and prosperous society, for this and the next generations", says Karina with emphasis.


Karina Bret
Karina Bret
Manager Sustainability
Sara Lindmark
Sara Lindmark

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