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6 questions and answers about greenwashing

What IS greenwashing?
When companies give the impression of doing more for the environment than they actually do.

How to avoid greenwashing?
Through transparency, relevance and truthfulness about its environmental measures.

Is greenwashing a big problem?
Yes, because it makes it harder for consumers and investors to make sustainable choices.

What can you as an engineer do to avoid greenwashing?
You can document and base every design decision on the best available information related to sustainability.

Isn't "Say goodbye to greenwashing" a bit provocative?
Maybe, but we hope and believe that those who see and hear our message understand the spirit of it, and that they also do what they can to avoid greenwashing.

What does Together Tech do to avoid greenwashing?
We constantly take a critical look at ourselves and find areas for improvement, including around how we work and how we communicate. Everything that can be improved in our sustainability work SHOULD be improved. To help us, we have, among other things, our ESG policy.

​Is there anything in your products that could be more sustainable?

We are happy to meet and brainstorm ideas!



Karina Bret
Karina Bret
Manager Sustainability
Camilla Danielsson
Camilla Danielsson
Marketing & Communication

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