Our vision

We develop future products for a better world!

We are passionate about technology and want to use our competence and engagement to develop products and digital solutions that contribute to a better world.

We measure our impact through our own method BWi and have ambitious goals to, for example, contribute to reduced climate impact, human security and increased equality and diversity. The global goals for sustainable development, Agenda 2030 and roadmaps for a fossil-free Sweden guide us in our work. We are also a participant in the UN initiative Global Compact.



  stands for Better World index and is our own method which, based on the UN’s global sustainability goals, guides us to reach our goal of a better world.

BWi is a help to increase our own awareness of the imprints of our assignments. It gives us as a company the opportunity to work even more with products, processes and services that contribute to a better world.

We measure and follow up

All assignments we work with are estimated based on the seventeen sustainability goals and a unique BWi value is calculated. Every month, we follow up our average BWi in relation to the time spent on all our assignments. In this way, we can follow our development towards a better world.

The Global goals

We have evaluated our entire business based on the Global goals, all sub-goals and indicators. It gives us strength to understand our impact and contribution in a larger perspective, while we can sharpen our ambitions in wanting to do even more for a better world.

Together Tech and the Global goals

Based on the 17 global goals, we have selected the areas where we want to operate and raise our ambitions. These are areas that match our core business – innovation, technology and product development. Here we have our main commitment and drive together with our customers.

Our contribution to the Global goals

Our most important impact on the global goals generates from our daily work in various product development assignments. With the help of technology, we develop, for example, breathing aids, electrification of vehicles, accessibility-adapted lifts and much more.

With our values and our vision, we want to challenge ourselves, set ambitious goals and go further than the necessary. We want to be a positive force and contribute as much as we can.

More examples of what we do

  • Innovation work in environmental technology
  • Structured safety work and high environmental requirements for our company vehicles
  • IGEday – Introduce a girl to Engineering Day
  • Equality and Diversity Manager
  • Routines for recycling, energy efficient offices and equipment, no bottled water
  • Partnerships with environmental organizations and the UN

Environmental and quality management

Our management system is certified according to the standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 13485. To be able to follow our contribution to a better world, we have linked our environmental work to the UN’s global sustainability goals.