Group spirit

A strong group feeling, a good mood, great consideration and the opportunity for personal development are important to us. We also make sure we have a great time together. This includes challenging each other at beach volleyball, collecting Christmas presents for the needy and building innovative drones together.

Sometimes in a fairly small team with a special interest, sometimes with customers, partners and industry colleagues. On our intranet there is a notice board where anyone can “market” their special interest and find like-minded colleagues with whom to move forward and have a good time.

Strong group spirit: one of our four goals

Together Tech is a consultancy company where people want to work, as well as a company employees are proud of and somewhere they are seen and heard. There are managers here who care, set an example and know their staff.

All employees are also personally responsible for being involved in the community. Together Tech is a company to grow in – and to grow with. Activities are initiated both by specific group-spirit units and by individual employees.

We measure and follow up the group-spirit goal using the Winningtemp system. Goal attainment is recorded on our intranet.

Group assessments

Innovative: we propose relevant solutions, create valuable ideas and look a stage further.

Skilled: We use our skills and abilities to carry out assignments in the best way possible, we are problem-solvers, and we are alert.

Progressive: We are constantly improving and learning new things, are able to change, and like taking on new tasks.

Willing to collaborate: We want to be an obvious partner, are good listeners, and are flexible and happy to share our thoughts and experiences.

Reliable: We keep our promises, are results-oriented and open, and are frank and honest in our communication.

Various kinds of activity

There are activities that have become traditions, like the annual beach volleyball, the Together Tech race and Christmas parcel wrapping.

Other activities arise as individual initiatives, and are varied, e.g. mushroom walks, lunchtime yoga, drone-building, games evenings and clothes flea markets.

There are of course also the more usual activities, such as regular employee meetings and kick-offs – for which we get together locally or as a company. 

Examples of what we do:

• Together Tech race in Göteborg
• Gokart race in Norrköping
• Open hack
• Chalmers Formula Student
• Ice hockey
• Building drones
• Beach Volleyball Tournament in Göteborg and Linköping