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Corporate Sustainability

The Global goals as an inspiration and compass

Our work for a better world is based on the global goals

Together Tech's vision is We develop future products for a better world and we want to be an inspiration and driving force in the sustainable transition. When you cooperate with us, you notice our commitment and know-how in different ways.

We focus mainly in theese areas

  • Good health and well-being - corresponding to the Global goal no 3
  • Sustainable industry, innovations and infrastructure - corresponding to the Global goal no 9
  • Sustainable consumption and production - corresponding to the Global goal no 12

Sustainable Development Goal 13, Climate Action, is another of our corporate commitments. We strive to increase our positive impact through our assignments, and reduce our corporate carbon footprint. 

Visit our Climate Change Position here>>

Review our Corporate Carbon Footprint report>>

Equality and equity is a high priority for us - corresponding to the Global goal no 5. And of course, Global goal no 17, Partnerships for the goals, is a great inspiration for a company named Together Tech! 

"Initiated in 2010 with our ISO 14001 certification and driven by our Vision 'We develop products for a better world”, our sustainability journey is driven by a vision for addressing environmental, social, and economic challenges.

Guided by our core values, Joy, Consideration and Ambition, we strive for a joyful, equitable, and sustainable world through continuous improvement and collaboration.

We work across sectors to reduce environmental impact through our assignments, promoting circularity, and contributing to Global Goals through partnerships with our customers, academia,  industry hubs and other of our business partners.

Our ESG policy reflects our dedication to ethical and sustainable practices, aligned with UN Global Compact principles.

We invite others to join us in embracing sustainability through collaboration and innovation, working together for a better world."

Sara Lindmark, CEO, Together Tech

Sara Lindmark Global Compact Statement

Sustainability in our inhouse operations

We carry out a significant part of our customers' product development in-house. When we have taken full responsibility to provide a solution, we have incorporated sustainability as a natural part of the product development process. We can propose alternatives and measures to increase the sustainability in the product, based on the customer's requirements and needs.

workplace meeting

The Global Compact

By joining the UN Global compact, we have started a journey of self-assessment, recognition of our opportunities and commitment to continuous improvement. 

See our Communication of Progress (CoP)>>

global compect


Karina Bret
Karina Bret
Manager Sustainability
Vanja Wennergren
Vanja Wennergren
Supervisor Environment & Quality

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